Dear Readers,

I’m Sean Carter, an independent at-home trader based out of Atlanta, GA. Currently, My primary markets are the futures markets. But, I’ve been around the entrepreneurial block, dabbling in lots of different fields before finding the one for which I’m passionate.

This site is dedicated to blogging about some of the pragmatic information that I have come across through hard research and real time experience (not just in entrepreneurship, but everything i.e. finance, economics, health, etc.). The information provided will be written in a simple, easy to understand format so that anyone browsing should be able to get an understanding of what is being discussed. For that reason, I offer no apologies to advanced students of the subject matter contained here.

FYI: This is not a “how to make money/how to be successful” site. There are ENOUGH of those out there. This is NOT an anti-government site. I only provide, as mentioned before, pragmatic information. Also, there are associates of mine who will be checking in every now and then and providing content. But for the most part, I’ll be running the site and providing the vast majority of the content.

Be advised also that even though I will discuss the capital markets (equities, futures, forex, etc.), I will not be sharing any trade recommendations. I am currently trading and every now and then I may show a chart of activity in a certain market and offer my opinion but those opinions aren’t meant to be taken as a recommendation. With that being said, I will also offer no so-called trading systems, courses or anything of that sort. If you seek such things, there is an abundance of said materials online.

I’ve got to warn you — the content you will see IS NOT for the weak! A lot of what you see will be controversial. It will hurt feelings because people aren’t accustomed to certain viewpoints.

In closing, I ‘d like to say that I hope to not only help others like myself, but I hope to draw in visitors that are more intelligent than myself. Remember, the wise person doesn’t surround himself with a bunch of people that he’s smarter than. He surrounds himself with people that are smarter than himself so that he can be reminded to keep pushing forward in his quest for knowledge!

So, please check it out, feedback is welcome, especially suggestions. Thanks


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