Pro-Blacks Are The True Sellouts

The issue which I’m about to discuss is one that has been on my mind for quite some time and the way that I see it, what I’m about to say…really needs to be said. For those that are unaware, you must understand that there is a civil war taking place within black America. It’s a silent war but a war, nevertheless. This war is between decent, upstanding black people and those who engage in destructive, degenerative behavior that give us all a bad name. In this war, you have the “pro-black” types who claim to be for the advancement of the black race — a group who does nothing more than defend and make excuses for the dysfunction of black America. This group will viciously attack anyone who disagrees with any of their ideologies. They dish out insults like “coon, Uncle Tom, sellout, self-hater,” etc. In this article, I’m gonna PROVE that the pro-blacks are actually the true sellouts of the black race.

Before I proceed any further, let me define what I consider to be a pro-black. I define a pro-black  as someone who, as I mentioned before, is an apologist for black dysfunction who seeks to blame any and everything on racism and the like. Pro-blacks seek to justify, rationalize and even make excuses for the self-destruction that is taking place. They operate this way under the guise of being for black empowerment. Pro-blacks typically fall into three categories. First, you have the ones who are lazy and have squandered away opportunity their whole life. Because they’ve gotten nowhere as a result…and they seek to blame white people for their position in life. These are the types who are always referencing Africa and talking about revisionist historical events relating to Africa. You have the one that I’ve just described, then you have the pro-blacks who don’t believe the shit that they’re saying but are in it for the money. These are the ones who have become prosperous despite their claims of there being a system in place to keep black people down, and they preach victimization to other blacks strictly as a business. Then there are prosperous blacks who preach victimization not to make money but to keep their “black card.” I talked about those types in an article HERE.

Reason #1: In order to understand the contents of this discussion, the first thing that one must understand is this — the main goal/objective of the pro-black crowd is to promote the narrative of black victimization. In other words, they strive to blame all of the black race’s problems on slavery, racism and the like. Their desire to keep this narrative alive is so strong that they will, as I mentioned earlier, viciously attack any black person who dares to say that our problems aren’t the result of any of those things. Essentially, what pro-blacks seek to do is keep the race down in order to fulfill their narrative. Stated another way — If the problems of the black community were to greatly improve, the pro-blacks would be HIGHLY upset. Why? Well, it’s pretty difficult to play the role of the victim when you’re doing well. In order to be a victim, one has to be downtrodden or in some sort of a bad state…and that is exactly the state in which pro-blacks wish for the black race to remain because it fulfills their narrative. If they see a black person who’s successful, they will say something to the effect of the person sold their soul, they’re part of some secret club, the person is a house-negro and other tactics to discredit their success. Their purpose for doing this is to push the belief that blacks can’t be successful unless white people allow us to (I’ll deal with this way of thinking later). That way, you will feel defeated before you even try and will therefore remain on the bottom economically….exactly what the pro-blacks desire.

Reason #2: As much as pro-blacks accuse decent black people of “kissing white ass,” no one kisses white ass more than pro-blacks. Pro-blacks actually view whites as being godly figures. When you look at the things they attribute to white people, such as”creating a system to keep us down, thwarting our efforts at every turn, won’t allow us to advance in the world, etc.” In my opinion, they are giving white people entirely too much credit and as I said before, that to me indicates that they view white people as being godly. If that weren’t so, they wouldn’t GIVE whites so much power over them. By promoting that way of thinking, pro-blacks are also preaching that blacks are inferior to whites. What’s interesting is that pro-blacks say these things about white people as if they hate whites, but in truth, pro-blacks are simply jealous of white people. Pro-blacks essentially want to be in the position they think white people are in. If they can’t have those “magical white powers,” they will then seek to keep the black race down. An all or nothing type of thing, I guess you could say.

Another thing you’ll notice is that whenever a black person criticizes the actions of other black people, the first thing many pro-blacks will do is point out that white people do it too. What that tells me is that pro-blacks use white people as a barometer for what’s right and wrong. In their mind, if a white person engages in foolish behavior, that makes it okay for them to do it as well. That being said, in a sense, pro-blacks actually worship white people. Whereas, your average, everyday black people view whites in a neutral way. We don’t see them as being supreme or as having any great power….and we sure as hell don’t seek to justify the bullshit that takes place in our communities by finding instances of a white person engaging in such behavior.

Pro-blacks also are the biggest “kissers of white ass” because, by their own admission, they seek acceptance from white people. For instance, whenever pro-blacks see a black person who’s done well for themselves economically and financially, the first thing they say is — “it doesn’t matter how good you’re doing, you’re still just a n****r to white people.” Such a statement tells me that pro-blacks seek the acceptance of white people. Whereas normal black people couldn’t give a fuck less about being accepted by whites or anyone else….we work to get ahead in the world for the purpose of living the good life and nothing more. Again, pro-black negros beef with white people is one of jealousy, not hatred.

Reason #3: – Believe it or not, pro-blacks actually encourage the destructive behavior that takes place in black America. What destructive am I referring to? That would be the killings, rapes and other violence, single parent homes, drug dealing, etc. You probably won’t hear a pro-black come out and say that they support these activities but they don’t have to, their actions do a good job of telling how they really feel. They do this by always defending and making excuses for black people who actively destroy their communities. In fact, the black person who encourages other blacks to become better, more productive people are the enemies. For instance, if I were to say that we need to rid the community of murderers, drug dealers, etc., the pro-blacks would say that I’m the enemy…and would then go on to say that the murderers, drug dealers and other degenerates are engaging in such behavior because white supremacy has forced them to do so (or some other excuse). Mind you, even though I may not have sold any dope, killed anyone or any destructive behavior — I would be the enemy because my viewpoint threatens their narrative and nothing more. Put it this way, pro-blacks NEVER confront anyone who is actively doing harm in the communities which they claim to care about, but they will jump in the face of another black person who simply has a different opinion than them. In many cases, they’ll threaten death to a black person with a different opinion, meanwhile those who actually do harm don’t have to ever worry about being confronted or threatened by a pro-black.

To further validate my point, think of this: You can have a 5 year old child get shot and killed while outside playing and the pro-blacks won’t see that as a problem. In fact, if you or me were to call the cops and the culprit were to be arrested, they’d call us sellouts and “snitches” for turning the person in. If the reason for not snitching was so that the community could catch the guilty person and deal with that person themselves, I’d actually respect that but that isn’t the case. To even imply that anything these guys (the criminals and others) do is problematic will create a stir amongst pro-blacks. That being said, instead of encouraging black people to stop killing each other and other destructive behavior, pro-blacks choose to  justify and rationalize it.

Lately, when the issue of black on black homicide comes up, I’ve been hearing a lot of pro-blacks bring up the argument that whites kill whites. This goes back to what I said earlier about pro-blacks using white people as a barometer for right and wrong. In their mind, if white people kill each other, it’s fine for blacks to do it too but herein lies the problem — blacks make up only 13-15% of the U.S. population yet is responsible for more than half of the murders and majority of those murders are black on black. You have to conclude that pro-blacks are fine with blacks killing each other, just so long as no one white is the killer. Another deflection you will hear from pro-blacks is the fictitious argument that they don’t get upset about black on black homicide because someone is always arrested in those instances. That…is a bold-face lie! In many major cities, it’s not unusual for 80% or more of homicides in black neighborhoods to go unsolved. How does a community who prides themselves on “not snitching” fix their mouth to tell the lie that majority of black murder suspects are arrested? But, for the sake of argument, even if the perp were arrested for every black on black homicide….that doesn’t change the fact that a life was lost.

My final point on this reason refers back to the Donald Sterling fiasco. The weekend in which the Donald Sterling story broke, there was also a story out of Chicago of 80 shootings, 20 murders. You don’t have to be a genius to guess which story in which the pro-blacks chose to involve themselves.

Conclusion: Pro-blacks are sellouts because they sacrifice the well-being of their own people in order to fulfill their narrative….that of black victimization. Pro-blacks claim to be for black empowerment but it’s all a clever facade that is designed to justify their laziness and for others, to make money. As stated previously — a healthy, functional black community would upset the pro-blacks because they would then have nothing to complain about and others would be out of the business of race-baiting. That is why both categories of pro-blacks fight extremely hard against anyone who dares to tell any black person to become a responsible, productive, upstanding citizen. I’ve witnessed many cased in which a black person would strive better themselves in some way and some pro-black idiot would step in and discourage that person, essentially causing them to give up before they even try due to a feeling of hopelessness. Again, pro-blacks have no desire whatsoever to see the conditions of black people improve and they will fight tooth and nail to make sure no progress is made — all because they want to be able to play the victim at every turn. If that’s not a sellout, I don’t know what is.

UPDATE: It seems that this article has gotten a lot of attention recently and every single new comment is from someone attempting to discredit this entire article based on how I’ve defined pro-black. Actually, that’s not MY definition of a pro-black. The people whom I’ve described call themselves pro-black! The fact of the matter is that you all know that what I’m saying is true and that you can’t refute it, so you’re trying to turn this into a discussion of how one defines pro-black. Therefore, I’ve closed the comment because apparently, no one is going to refute any of the points that I’ve made.

I understand really well how pro-blacks operate and deflection, as well strawman arguments, are the main tools they use to get away from dealing with the unpleasant truth about themselves.


5 thoughts on “Pro-Blacks Are The True Sellouts

  1. I agree with most of the things you’ve said in here but I do not like your use of the word “pro-black” in describing these losers. I know you’re talking about a certain crowd of people, i.e so called conscious and black power people but there is nothing wrong with being “pro-black” IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE WORD. My definition of pro black is someone who truly wants to see black social and economic progress and takes action geared towards achieving this. The charlatans you are speaking of are NOT pro-black.

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    • I see what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to deflect from the issue by turning the discussion into how one define’s pro-black. I’m not gonna allow that. Stick to the issue instead of dwelling on minute issues like how one defines a word.


    • I agree Mike, the definition of pro-black is for those who want to see black people become more economically independent and getting out of socially decrepit situations. Supporting Black owned businesses, being aminate about the conditions in the educational system and lack of jobs and attempting to doing something about it. Take Baltimore for example, supporting those who are being oppress by the system and empowering them by being a part of grassroots organization is what I would think is the definition of who is pro-black, not what this article describes

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    • I agree with you here Mike. I think his term of Pro-Black may differ from my region and meaning of the term.
      Pro-Black where i’m from means to uplift our culture, spirit and one another in effort to strive for greatness that is within us. Each one teach one. What he was describing is what we call houseporch ppl or bafoonry.

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  2. No lies told in this essay. Sadly, the majority of those who feel the need to have a “leader” don’t have a clue they’re being mislead and used for financial gain. All of these so-called pro-black mis-leadership/conscious capitalists have something to sell and if no one can see through their hustle…rhetoric doesn’t empower anyone.


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