How Successful Blacks Have Been a Detriment To The Race

For the longest I’ve tried to avoid the temptation to speak on this subject but it has got to be said because I don’t like a lot of what I’ve been seeing as of late. The title may strike some of you as being contradictory. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “We want to see more successful black people, right? So, how can that be a detriment?” Going from the title alone, you would have a point but you will understand why I say this by the time I’m done with this article.

Without even playing around, the number one reason I believe that a lot of successful black people have been a detriment to the race is because they succeed through hard work and all of the other elements that make for success in America, yet they come back to other black people and preach the doctrine of victimization. Countless times throughout my life, I’ve seen well-to-do black people who obviously busted their ass to get where they are turn around and tell other black people that they can’t make it in America because racism won’t allow it. A lot of people will actually listen to them and believe what they’re saying. Because a lot of black people are desperate to believe that there’s a system of oppression keeping them down, they never stop to ask “Wait a fucking minute! If there’s a system that won’t allow me to succeed due to me being black, then how come YOU (a black person) were able to succeed?” If you ask this question, the successful black person who’s preaching victimology will have no answer except to admit that it was hard work that got them where they are.

Some will wonder why successful blacks will preach such defeatist ideals to those that haven’t yet made it and I can tell you that there is two reasons for that. Better yet, you can split these type of people up into two different groups. The first group is doing it to validate their blackness so that they’re not accused of being out of touch and/or forgetting where they come from. Unfortunately, if you wanna make good and fit-in with a large part of American black society, you’re gonna have to speak the language, which means that you’re gonna have to attribute a lot of the world’s ills to racism and things of that nature. If you don’t buy into that sort of foolishness, you aren’t going to be received very well. In fact, you will be ostracized and labeled a sellout. In order to avoid that, you have to show that you believe that racism is stunting black growth. Therefore, this group of successful black people don’t necessarily believe what they’re saying — they simply say it in order to fit-in because to speak otherwise would be social suicide. Yep — if you were to flat out say that your success is the result of goal setting, persistent action and hard work, you’re going to be vilified. To prevent that, you will have to say something along the lines of “Yeah, I made it but I dealt with lots of racism on my way to the top.”

Given the time that we are in, I think there is no better example to illustrate my point than Bill Cosby. Notice that black people have not come to Bill Cosby’s defense. Why? Simply because Bill Cosby is telling black people to be responsible, stop blaming white people and get your shit together. Any other time a well known black figure is under this type of scrutiny, black people will rush in with their conspiracy theories and claim that “white supremacy” is trying to bring a successful black man down. Hell, you have a white woman accusing one of the biggest names in black enterprise of rape! You would expect to see the league of pro-black negros have a field day with their claims of white supremacy attempting to assassinate the character of a prominent black figure but they aren’t coming to Bill Cosby’s defense. As for well known black figures who don’t tow the victim narrative, you can include Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Charles Barkley, Condaleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, etc. And look at how black people talk about those people. When you look at what is happening to Bill Cosby and other blacks who believe in doing for self and working hard to succeed, that is why group #1 will “talk the talk” when around other blacks….because they don’t wanna be treated that way.

The other group of successful blacks will preach the doctrine of victimization because they don’t wanna see other black people succeed. They’re envious and see other black people succeeding as competition. They feel that the more successful black people there, the less room they have to advance.  This type will usually try to fool you by saying something alone the lines of “We are brothas and we need to stick together in this white man’s world because he has a system in place to keep us down.” They’ll talk that way but in truth, they don’t want to see you succeed. These are usually your liberal blacks who went to a prestigious HBCU (Historical Black College), joined a sorority of some sort, now they’ve graduated and are doing well for themselves. However, as mentioned before, they don’t want competition and will therefore seek to discourage you before you even try. This type also thinks they’re “better” than other blacks while smiling in their face and speaking the language — that of “the white man is out to get us.”

Conclusion: One group speak the way that they do out of fear of being an outcast while the other doesn’t desire to see other black people succeed because in their own mind, other prosperous black people will threaten their position. That being said — both groups help to keep this feeling of victimization going. Nothing is more sad than listening to a black person attempt to justify not even trying to make something of themselves because they believe that there is some system in place to thwart their efforts. When you begin to name black people that are well off, the victim-minded individual will tell you that they either sold out to get where they are or they simply got lucky. They will refuse to believe that hard work is the key —  and that is the fault of successful black people who have reached the top, but yet, they tell those who haven’t yet made it to not even bother because racism won’t allow them to succeed.


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