Not Everyone Is Going To Be Successful

I know, I know…there will be those who take issue with the title of this article. Mainly those self-help guru types who have failed to achieve anything in life themselves. With that being said, I’m gonna present what some may consider to be a dark side to the philosophy of success.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone is going to make it in their lines of endeavor, period. This topic stems from a conversation I was having online with a few who considered themselves to be liberals. I was watching a video of a wealthy financier giving tips on becoming successful and as usual, the responses were were the usual hatred towards those that have worked hard to get where they are. They say things like, “they inherited their wealth, they stole it from the poor, they don’t know what it’s like to be poor,” etc. I then chimed in and stated that 85% of millionaires/billionaires are first generational a.k.a self-made. I then went on to state that in current society, people have been conditioned to believe that hard work is a sin…that anyone who’s successful at something either cheated their way to the top or had it handed to them. Essentially leading the masses of the populace to believe that hard work doesn’t lead to success, but that only dishonesty does.

A few of the liberals replied in their usual emotional ways by saying that they’ve worked hard and never got anywhere, therefore hard work doesn’t mean that you’ll be successful. And the truth is: hard work doesn’t guarantee success….no one ever said that it did. However, hard work gives one a realistic shot at being successful at whatever they’re looking to accomplish as opposed to sitting on your ass whining and hating those that have made it. In your final days, if you’ve worked hard but didn’t make it, you have something to feel good about because you at least gave it a real shot.

I guess, according to liberals, that if there’s no guarantee of success that comes attached with hard work, then working hard is a scam and a waste of time. Therefore, as a society, it seems that we’ve gotten to the point where the majority doesn’t wanna work for anything and tend to vilify those that have made it. Most even believe that those who made it should take care of them. Personally, I’m 28 years old and I’ve created a business which has put me on the fast track to achieving my long-term monetary goals. When I’m out enjoying myself with my family and doing things that require money, what do you think some say? They make it sound as if someone has handed everything to me….despite the fact that they saw me struggle, they saw me take hits, get back up and keep going. Despite seeing all of that, they make it sound like my path has been an easy one.

Conclusion: The hard work ethic is dying because liberal society has pushed the idea that success is a result of luck and not work. Face it — not everyone is going to make it. But as I stated previously, by working hard, you at least give yourself a realistic chance. I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t make it known that hard work alone isn’t going to bring success. This is why there are hard working people who have been on jobs for 20-30 years and haven’t progressed. Only fixed goals backed with a burning desire and intelligent action can accomplish success. However, this is not about “how to be successful,” but instead to refute this absurd notion that everyone has to make it in order for society to be fair. As in every game in life, there are winners and there are losers. Why can’t people accept that fact in every aspect of life? I have no clue….


3 thoughts on “Not Everyone Is Going To Be Successful

  1. Excellent post Sean. In my early twenties I was definitely one of those that somehow believed that successful people somehow cheated their way to the top. It wasn’t until I started researching success that I discovered how hard these people actually worked, and how many of them came from less than nothing. Sixteen hour days? Seven days a week? It seemed crazy to me that people would bother to work that hard on anything! What about TV and video games? It was then that I realized success was possible to me, but only if I was willing to work for it. Long days now just seem normal, and I can’t figure out why so many people get upset when they miss some stupid ass TV show.


    • Thanks for chiming in. I too was one of those people many years ago until I also began to study success philosophy. The best thing I ever did was to shake that defeatist mindset.


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