What Is It All For?

On this particular blog and in my circle of associates, we talk a lot about the desire to attain success. For many people, success could mean different things. For many of us, success could mean accumulating great wealth. For others, it could mean something much simpler. But the question that has been hitting me lately is —- The desire to achieve success, what is it all for? In other words, WHY do we want to achieve success? I learned that accumulating money cannot be a goal in itself, therefore there has to be some driving force and that is the question for which I’m seeking an answer.

“Money is not the prime asset in lifeTime is.” – Gordon Gekko

The above quote taken from “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” is what this article is about. Let’s analyze what Gekko is saying. He states that money is not the prime asset in life but that time is. But doesn’t that sound contradictory? After all, a lot of us are on a quest to accumulate the almighty dollar, right? Actually, it’s not contradictory at all. Well, it may be if you view money as an end in itself instead of as a means to an end. That statement is sound due to the fact that we accumulate money for the purpose of being able to spend our TIME on this earth as we please. Let’s be for real — in order to live life to the fullest, it takes money. If you want to travel the world, eat the finest foods, live in a state of optimal health, work only when you choose so that you can spend time with your family, shower your family with the best that life has to offer, etc., those things take money.

When you view life in that way, it becomes obvious that we are here to have as much fun as we can. I’m willing to bet you that the majority of people that are pursuing wealth are doing so because their true desire is to live life on their own terms. By living life on your own terms, you’re making the most constructive use of your time. You are free to express yourself as you please so long as your expression doesn’t interfere with the rights of others. To live in a world where nothing is off-limits and everything is attainable is what we all desire. Money is the medium that will allow us to achieve such a life and make the most of our time here on earth.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, I’ve studied the mindset of a lot of wealthy individuals and have come to realize that money in itself means very little to these people…it is their time that means the most. A lot of these guys would much rather lose a million dollars than to waste an hour of their time. The lost million dollars can be recouped but not the hour of lost time.

Conclusion: The way that we live today as people, slaving on some job that we don’t like for 8 hours a day (a third of each day), living paycheck to paycheck, barely able to afford the necessities of life, very little time with your loved ones, unable to indulge in some of the luxuries of life, etc., are the things that we are seeking to escape in our achievement of success (whatever definition one has of success). As stated previously, we’re not out to make money just for the purpose of having lots of money on hand. That accumulation of dollars represent freedom to enjoy our TIME as we please.


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