Debunking The Conspiracy Theory Industry

The conspiracy theory industry — this is probably one of the biggest jokes in the world. I’ve visited websites all over the internet and have witnessed conversations about this conspiracy nonsense. I’ve also watched the YouTube videos, the documentaries, etc. and I’m convinced that conspiracy theorists are just naive people who believe that they’re doing a good thing. One of the main reasons I don’t respect these guys is because they only spread the bad news, especially in government. They never talk about any good news. Which to me, shows that they’re just fear-mongering in order to gain followers. They only discuss the stories that fit their fear-mongering agenda. If these guys wanted to prove that they’re really helping and not just trying to create fear, then they would be unbiased and tell both good and bad news.

People are forgetting that “Conspiracy Theory”is an actual industry in which people are making money and lots of it, I might add. I don’t knock guys like Alex Jones, Michael Moore, Jesse Ventura, David Icke, etc. for being good businessmen (that’s really what they are, not concerned citizens), but it would help if their followers knew that those guys are in it for the money. There may be SOME truth (probably less than 20%) to the things they say, but they exaggerate for the purpose of inciting fear. And as I’ve said on numerous occasions, a person who mixes the truth with lies is more dangerous than an outright liar. It’s a well known psychological fact that the best way to brainwash is to create a highly-emotionalized state of mind, especially the emotion of fear, and position yourself as the person with the solution — it is then easy for you to manipulate that crowd of people. Here’s a question that you have to also ask yourself — If what they are saying is true, how are they then able to appear on various media platforms to tell their stories? A lot of followers of conspiracy theories believe that anyone who dares to speak out will be murdered or somehow silenced, and if that is indeed true, you mean to tell me that nothing has happened to these guys (who all have a huge audience) for revealing so-called “insider” info? It is not my intention to get into some of the things that are said by these people, but you can see lots of these videos on YouTube for yourself.

Now, let’s talk about this TV show by Jesse Ventura called “Conspiracy Theory” which aired a few years ago. I’m not sure if this show is on the air still or not, but that’s besides the point. The point is, however — Are people serious when they use this show as a source to try to prove their information? If those in a position of power seek to censor the truth, as many have claimed, are you telling me that they were gracious enough to give Jesse Venture his own show to reveal their “insider secrets?” It reminds me of a quote from 2Pac when asked about his term “Killuminati.” 2Pac stated, “If these people really wanted to kill all of us, why tell Farrakhan? If their plans are so secret, then who told him? How does he know?” 2Pac then went on to say that people grasp on to the Illuminati thing as nothing more than an excuse to remain inferior — a statement with which I agree.

Another reason why I don’t give conspiracy theorists any validity is because they pick and choose what parts to believe. For example: A lot of them claim that the education system is corrupt, the media is corrupt, politics is corrupt, the food supply is corrupt, etc., but they won’t acknowledge the FACT that religion is more corrupt than all the other industries combined. And the fact that most conspiracy theorists are deeply religious shows me that they’re lost and don’t know what to believe. They believe that they’re not brainwashed because they don’t listen the media, but they live and die by the word of an industry that’s more corrupt than the media. If there’s any system in the world that’s designed to enslave the minds of the people, then religion is definitely that system. There was a popular documentary called Zeitgeist, which talks about a global agenda by the Elite groups. Most of the conspiracy theorists lived and died by this film. But in the film, there’s a part in which they expose religion as one big lie and plagiarized stories. A lot of the conspiracy guys fully endorse every other pat of the Zeitgeist but claim that it’s lying about religion being a lie. Why would they tell the truth about everything else but lie about religion? The truth is: religion is also heavily involved in the conspiracy theory industry for the purpose of inciting fear and gaining followers.

Yet another reason I don’t give conspiracy theorists any validity is because none of their claims are based on FACTS. They are called conspiracy THEORIES for a reason. In simple terms, a theory is a statement that may or may not be true. I’ve asked conspiracy theorists to prove their claims several times, and not once have they ever been able to prove any of them. Instead, they resort to dishing out insults and calling people that don’t follow them “brainwashed sheep.” But here’s what gets me. The conspiracy theorists follow information that is unproven, but they call a person a “sheep” if they don’t believe or follow them without any proof. So the question becomes — how is the person who asks questions and asks for proof before following a sheep? If anyone is a sheep, it’s the conspiracy theorists for blindly following unproven information. Any person who employs logic in their method of debate can easily tell you that during the course of debate, if your opponent has to resort to ad hominem attacks, insults and name-calling, that simply means that they are unable to prove their point.

After saying all of what has been said, it’d be foolish to say that there are no conspiracies because we know that there are. For instance, the government once said that the mafia doesn’t exist, but today, the existence of the mafia is well known. The government once denied the existence of a Money Trust operating in the U.S., but in 1913, congressional members formed The Pujo Committee to go after the Money Trust. That being said, conspiracies do exist but the majority of conspiracies today are nothing than fiction conjured up in the mind of salesman who package this stuff and sell it to an unsuspecting populace for the purpose of making a buck.


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