The Law of Attraction vs. The Law of Action

As you all may know, I was a huge believer in the Law of Attraction hype which became popular some 5 or so years ago. That being said, check out a post that I authored titled: The Proven Power of Human Thought. In that article, I cite scientific research which actually does prove the basis on which the Law of Attraction is founded. In that post, I believe that I made the mistake of believing that the scientific data I cited somehow proved the existence of The Law of Attraction but here is where I correct that error and bury this foolishness once and for all.

No filter, no censoring, I’m gonna tell you in a straight forward way that the Law of Attraction, at least in the way it’s been taught in mainstream, is bullshit. I’m well aware of the fact that a lot of the zealots who make their living preaching prosperity through the Law of Attraction are going to be upset but I’m gonna tell you why it’s nonsense. The basis for The Law of Attraction is this: A person thinks about what they want with full believe that the object of their desire will be achieved and the universe will create circumstances and events in order for that particular thing to appear in that person’s life. They go on to say that a person’s thoughts goes into the universe, manipulating all things, which makes it possible for thoughts to attract one’s desire.

By that definition. It would be hard for one to argue with that premise, right? Besides, when you think back to everything that you’ve ever accomplished in life, that sounds like the process that you went through, right? However, this is truth mixed with lies and as we all know — truth mixed with lies is more dangerous than an outright lie. Here’s where the Law of Attraction becomes fictitious:

It is true that all achievement whether it is for money, fame, the quest for love, health, knowledge, etc., all begins with thought and desire. We know also that if one wants a thing bad enough, they will attain it through some unknown means. But here’s the thing: the Law of Attraction as it is taught today has been described as an external process rather than an internal process. You’re taught that an external force, infinite intelligence, is going to bring the object of your desires to you when that isn’t true.

I do believe in an infinite intelligence but I don’t believe that it “brings” anything to people. My beef with this Law of Attraction crap is that it has really convinced people that they don’t have to work hard to succeed. People actually believe that if they believe success to be easy, then hard work isn’t required. They believe that they can just think, visualize and recite affirmations and things will fall into place. But we know that to be nonsense. By using visualization and the various auto-suggestion techniques, what does happen is that ideally, a person would become success conscious and see opportunities which they didn’t see before. When that happens, success becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now one may ask if there’s really any spiritual, metaphysical principles connected with infinite intelligence and the answer is yes but it is still an internal process and here’s why.

In terms of infinite intelligence, properly interpreted, infinite intelligence (also known as the universal mind) is an energetic force which is said to permeate everything in the universe. The subconscious mind of man is connected to this infinite intelligent, therefore the ability of man to think is his way of utilizing infinite intelligence in order to acquire knowledge from unknown sources. Have you ever noticed that when you concentrate obsessively on a problem, fully determined to find answer, that an answer eventually appears out of nowhere? It may happen instantly or at some later date, but eventually, you find the answer which you were seeking. By using infinite intelligence, a person can use their mind to gather ideas and knowledge to which they wouldn’t have access through their conscious sense of reasoning. This is why Napoleon Hill emphasized concentration as being a key principle to success. Napoleon Hill also described the “Universal Mind” as the place where all knowledge, from every mind that has ever existed, is stored — and that when one focuses their mind on a specific subject, facts related to that subject begin to pour in. By the way, the method which I’m describing has been used by some of the most brilliant minds of all time to accomplish great things.

Napoleon Hill also described infinite intelligence as a force which a person may use, through the power of their mind, to guide them to the object of their definite purpose. To describe this is in pragmatic detail, let me ask you this — have you ever desired a thing, and received a hunch or an intuitive feeling to DO a thing? You may not have understand why you wanted to do that thing but you did it anyways. And after doing that thing, it turns out that it was the right to have done at the right time to achieve whatever it was that you were seeking. For instance: let’s say that you’re desiring a better paying job. There’s a burning desire for this better job and you have faith that you will find it. You concentrate on finding this job in an obsessive manner, and the next thing you know, you receive an intuitive feeling to call some friend with whom you haven’t spoken in a while. You’re just calling for a casual chat. During the course of that conversation, that friend tells you that their place of employment is hiring and that they’re willing to refer you if you would fill out the application and notify them after you’ve done so.

I’m sure that you’ve all had that type of experience. The Law of Attraction as it is currently explained would have you believe that the job would somehow find you. The Law of Attraction has been created to cater to lazy people that are looking to get something for nothing. And if you’ve ever noticed, the majority of teachers in this field have never achieved anything themselves. Their only hustle is peddling Law of Attraction material.

When you take into consideration the process of infinite intelligence, you realize that achieving your goal is a matter of putting your mind to work in order to gather knowledge so that you may come up with solid ideas and plans for its achievement…and taking massive action the entire time. Your own subconscious mind will receive information and plans related to your goal from infinite intelligence and will prompt you to do certain things which may not make sense but will be the right thing to do. There’s still much hard work and sacrifice involved. By the way, it is key that you condition your subconscious mind to truly desire success because if you do, it will guide you towards that goal. If you claim to want success on a conscious level but not subconsciously, you’re gonna fail because your subconscious acts on its conditioning.

In the beginning, it isn’t important to know how you’re going to achieve your goal but eventually, you’re going to have to create a plan as ways and means open up to you. By putting your mind to work stating to your subconscious mind what you desire, it will assist you in creating those plans…which is why knowing how isn’t a big deal in the beginning. During this time, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities. When an opportunity arises, act without hesitation. You shouldn’t expect things to go smoothly either. You’re going to make mistakes and experience so-called failures, there’s no avoiding this. But that’s infinite intelligence’s way of teaching a much needed lesson. That’s why faith and persistence is key.

As a climax this article, and to point out the absurdity of The Law of Attraction — I’ve actually heard teachers in this field advise their followers to not try to make things happen because taking action would be detrimental. They advise that they should instead “let the universe provide.” Their reasoning is man doesn’t have the intelligence to know the best course of action for the achievement of a goal, therefore they should let a higher power do it. Do you now see the insanity in this stuff? Again, that is a half truth. While man may not know from the get-go how he or she is going to achieve their goal, it still pays to get off your ass and do something. Your actions may not lead to the desired result right away but that’s the whole point of learning from mistakes. “The universe” rewards those who take action and do the work that is required. Although I’m not a religious guy, but even the bible tells you that faith without work is dead…..

I’m gonna tell you like this. When I was high on the law of attraction hype, I got nowhere in life. I actually moved backwards. But after I let that crap go and became pragmatic and logical about my approach towards success, I’ve been on a steady path. When you break down everything I’ve said, it all comes down to setting a goal, really wanting it and getting of your ass and making it happen. I suggest you let go of that law of attraction foolishness as well because you’re ruining your chances of success by clinging on to it. In closing, fuck the law of attraction. If you want to achieve things, employ the law of action.


7 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction vs. The Law of Action

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  2. You are bang on ! without law of action there is no law of attraction ! Know what u want, put your honest efforts and have faith in God ” Super counscious ” to guide you ahead ………..The one’s who reach there goals know exactly it was not a straight road they had there time of ups and downs and when u connect the dots backwards u will understand everthing happened for a cause …….. This was all a part of the journey….


  3. Both Liberace and comedian Phyllis Diller loved the book, “The Magic of Believing” (there are posts at my blog about that) — but *believing* didn’t stop them from *doing*. It was the doing that made them successful.


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