Keep Your Goals To Yourself

“Go and tell no man” – Ding Le Mei

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which setting high goals is frowned upon by the majority of people. When you set goals to achieve above average success, such a task will always set the cynical crowd into motion. They will seek to tear you down and convince you that you can’t do it. In all reality, when a person tells you that you can’t do something, they’re really talking about themselves. They want you to believe that you’re not capable simply to transfer their feelings of inadequacy over to you. One thing is for certain — You will always be a target when your confidence is high…so high that you will dare aim above the rest.

With that being said, here’s why you should keep your goals to yourself. When I say keep your goals to yourself, I don’t mean exclude your family, close friends or your spouse. I mean keep them to yourself, as in, tell hardly anyone. Why is that? Because you don’t have time to argue with the losers of the world who will attempt to discourage you. That’s a complete waste of energy. The time you spend trying to prove your belief in your goals to the cynics, that time would be better spent building your empire. Only if you’re serious about wanting success will you see the point I’m making. Ideally, you would share your goals only with people that are going to support you 100%. When I say support, I don’t mean surrounding yourself with yes-men and women. I mean supportive people as in those who will do what it takes to encourage you, even if that means pointing out things that can be improved upon.

Years ago, I experienced the exact experience I’m relating in this article when I shared my life’s goal with a few people. BIG MISTAKE! That resulted in people saying some of the rudest, nastiest things to me for having such a high goal. It really did amaze me how hateful people could be towards a person just for having enough confidence to strive to make something of themselves. Before I realized what I’m telling you here, I used to spent a lot of time defending my goals and my self-confidence to the cynics which was a huge waste of time. Frankly, that’s destructive. Now…I just believe in my goals, keep working towards them, and keep them to myself.

The preceding paragraph reminds me of a comment people often make to me. They say, “It seems as if you dislike most people.” It’s not that I dislike most people, I just don’t give a fuck about them. Here’s why: When you make the choice to rise above mediocrity and to succeed on a large scale, the majority of the world is going to hate you…more than 95%. They may love the product or service you offer to the world, but they’re going to hate you for having the ambition, the belief in yourself and the initiative to actually give that product/service to the world. So instead of entertaining those people, I choose not a give a fuck about them. They can’t bother me if I refuse to acknowledge their existence.

Some of you may be thinking, “sounds like you’re worried about receiving criticism.” No, not at all. Constructive criticism is great. Maybe that person see’s something I don’t see that could really help me. Destructive criticism is what I don’t like or need. Destructive criticism is when a person has nothing but negative things to say with no intention of helping you. In other words — destructive criticism’s purpose is to tear down whereas the purpose of constructive criticism is to build up.

By keeping your goals to yourself, you will feel a lot better because you no longer have to worry about hearing the hateful B.S. from the losers. And in the end, you end up taking them by surprise. Only thing the would-be cynics can do at that point is witness your success and keep their mouths shut. And as I’ve said so many times — the same ones who doubt you and make fun of you today for setting goals will be the same ones asking for a hand-out after those goals are accomplished. They will be the ones trying to downplay your success by saying things like “he just got lucky!”

Conclusion: Believe in yourself, set yourself some goals and keep them to yourself (for the most part).


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