The New G-Code For Black America

blackfamilyblackloveToday, we’re gonna discuss the G-Code. If anyone is familiar with this term, The G-Code, is it an unwritten street code by which individuals attempt to live. However, for decades, the G-Code as it currently stands has caused nothing but destruction for black America. The current G-Code has us worshipping as heroes those who destroy our communities, it has us rejecting anything that could help us to advance as a race. But enough is enough, and this is where I rewrite the G-Code.

Let’s begin….

Rule #1: You are not to procreate with anyone whom you don’t intend to be your spouse. Ideally, you wouldn’t procreate with anyone who isn’t your spouse, but not all of us believe in marriage (rightfully so) but the objective is to create a family. No more “baby mamas/daddies,” we’re building solid, fully-functional black families. To you black men….no more using your offspring as an excuse to run the streets and do stupid things to get yourselves incarcerated. You know what I mean — selling drugs, robbing, committing crimes overall under the guise of feeding your family. That is unacceptable. Under the new G-Code, you are to do nothing that will result in you being separated from your family.

Since our objective is to create functional black families, no more are we to bring black babies into this world out of hatred, spite or desire to change someone who doesn’t have their shit together. From now you, you are only to procreate with individuals that will make a great parent. If they weren’t shit before you have the child, they’re gonna continue their “ain’t shit” ways after the child is born.

Rule #2: Decent, upstanding, classy black women and men are to date only each other. By adhering to this rule, we will eventually breed out the degenerate part of our race. One reason why loser, ratchet black women and men continue to thrive in black America is because their behavior is rewarded. In other words….when a black man is uneducated, a thug, an overall loser, black women typically reward him by giving him all the sex he desires and even allowing him to live off of her. Then you also have black women who have nothing to offer except sex and a big butt, who will be rewarded by black men in very much the same manner. Whereas, the black men and women that are the opposite of the degenerates are treated like crap. Don’t believe that this goes on? Ask the average black woman what type of man she desires, and she’ll say she wants a “real nigga” and your average black male will say he wants a “bad bitch.” Therefore, we have too many “real niggas” and “bad bitches” in our community and not enough REAL MEN AND WOMEN! This has got to stop.

If we quit rewarding degenerate men and women in our community, eventually they will fade out and hopefully disappear. By refusing to give the time of day to these types of individuals, they will either have to get themselves together or suffer from loneliness. The reason why so many black men engage in thug culture is because they know that it’s what black women like. And vice versa. A lot of black women engage in slutty activities because they know it’s the only way they’ll attract most black men. While all of this is taking place, we have the small minority of decent black men and women that are struggling to find each other which causes them to search through the trashy part of our race in hopes of meeting their equal counterpart. From now on, no upstanding member shall entertain the bottom of the barrel types in our communities.

Rule #3: You are to at all times value education, hard work, family, common sense, etc. We are declining as a race because there is no value placed upon any of the aforementioned things. So…there shall be no more referring to your fellow black man or woman as a sellout, Uncle Tom, coon, or accusing them of acting white or trying to gain “white favor” simply because they conduct themselves like decent, human beings. This also means no more questioning a black man’s sexuality (wondering if he’s gay) just because he doesn’t engage in thug culture.

We are to also begin to cultivate the minds of our children at a young age. Instead of throwing them in front of the TV and allowing them to watch such filth, we are to provide educational material for them instead. Your children are to also see nothing but love and respect between their parents. If any disagreement arises (which WILL inevitably occur), you are not to bad mouth each other in the presence of your child (or children). The goal is to teach the child the importance of a functional household and the value of education.

If you see an intelligent black person, you are to commend them and encourage them to continue to better themselves. In fact, we are to push the hard-working, educated, family orientated black men and women as the face of our community. Currently, the wrong types of individuals are the face of our community. For some reason, to be an individual who contributes to the downfall of the black race, thug men and ghetto hoodrat women, is considered being “a REAL black man/woman!” And that has got to change. No more praise for the black man who spends 5 years in prison, instead, we give honor to the black man or woman who spends 4 years in college.

Rule #4: Under the new G-Code, you are to be on watch for people who engage in behavior that is detrimental to your community. This means running out the drug dealers, the killers and anyone else who bring destruction to our people. Check these people on sight and encourage them to either get it together or they’re out. This also means no more adherence to the dumb-ass “no snitching” policy. When crimes goes down in your community, turn these people in. The people who commit these atrocious acts of violence continue to do so because they have convinced black America that what they do is somehow “keepin’ it real” and if you won’t stand for it, you’re somehow trying to gain favor of white people. These people are the reason that you have to lock your doors and that you can’t wear nice things in public out of fear that they might rob you for it. But this is where the buck stops. We are getting these people out of our neighborhoods.

If you ever defend or make excuses for these people who make us all look bad, you are in violation and will be shunned along with them. Nothing disgusts me more than to hear a black person claim to be different than those who make us look bad, but yet they defend those individuals. If you’re going to defend them, then you are no different than them and you might as well join the street corner with them because no more will we put up with you or them.

Whenever someone is honest enough to speak truthfully about the conditions that plague the black community, no more should they fear being referred to as an Uncle Tom, sellout, self-hater, etc.

Rule #5: You are to accept full responsibility for your life and everything in it. No more blaming others (including the blaming of white people). You will readily admit when you are in the wrong and work immediately toward corrective action. A failure to accept responsibility is the equivalent of you turning over control of your life to someone else. Not accepting responsibility is for the weak and under the new G-Code, we’re strengthening ourselves.

No more are you to entertain pro-black, Afrocentric types who tell you that nothing that occurs in your life is your fault because of slavery, Jim Crow, fictitious “white supremacy,” etc. It’s been documented that the problems we experience today did not manifest themselves in generations prior. Those who blame slavery for the state of Black America have failed to point out why the things that are going on today (high black-on-black crime, single parenthood, a lack of value on education, etc.), weren’t issues amongst black people that were closer to the era of slavery and Jim Crow. Race hustlers and professional victims have even created a fictitious psychological condition called “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” or “Willie Lynch Syndrome.” Those pseudo-psychological conditions have been debunked, so you have no reason to believe in them. They create this foolishness in order to keep you feeling like a victim. That way, you will never rise up into a position of power. The way to defeat those who seek to keep you in victimhood in order to line their pockets off of your misery is by accepting responsibility.

To view an all-out debunking of the Willie Lynch Speech, proving the entire story to be a farce, view this article by Prof. Manu Ampim: Death Of The Willie Lynch Speech

Rule #6: Logic and reason are to become the dominating thinking processes of black America. Presently, emotionalism dominates the thinking process of black people in America which makes us not only prone to violence but also makes us easy to manipulate.

Let’s talk about the violence for a moment. Due to black people’s emotional stance on everything, your average black person will react violently when faced with something to which he or she doesn’t agree. That is why you have a lot of black men sitting in prison as we speak — because they killed someone (or some other violent offense) as a first reaction. Now that he’s sitting in his prison cell with a long time to think about it logically, he now realizes what he could’ve done to prevent that. The black woman will abuse her children, commit unspeakable acts of evil against her mate over something she’s heard (without proof), etc., because she lacks critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, black people apply logic and reason only when it’s too late. Therefore, is it the failure to apply logic and reason that creates this huge propensity for violence in black people. What separates man from the animals is man’s ability to reason, and the refusal to reason is what makes the black race such a savage race.

Let’s also talk briefly about the high level of emotionalism in black America contributing to the manipulate of blacks. Because blacks lack logic and reason, it has always been easy to fleece them. Everyone from the church all the way down to your race hustlers have been getting rich off of the lack of critical thinking skills in the black community. They know that if they can include slavery, racism or religion into any scam they seek to run on blacks, they will succeed. The emotionalism of which I speak has led to black America becoming a group of people who claim to desire the truth, but in all actuality, are only a group seeking to validate their current beliefs….and anyone who caters to that current belief system can run scam after scam.

That being said…from now on, when you disagree with someone, you are to think before you act. By doing that, you will realize that it’d make more sense for you and that person to discuss the point(s) on which you disagree or to just walk away from the situation altogether. But black American culture tells you that you’re supposed to be ready to fight to kill someone over pretty much anything. It is that way of thinking that we are eliminating. We are also seeking to eliminate the gullibility in the black community which allows anyone fast talking charlatan to get rich off of our misery. Always….think before you speak or act. Never are you to act or speak first and think later.

This extreme emotionalism is also the reason that a lot of blacks who reach prominence never bother to help other blacks after they’ve made it. Due to the fact that blacks aren’t seekers of truth, but are instead seekers of victimization, attempting to help blacks is a very difficult task. When attempting to earnestly help blacks, you first have to emphasize responsibility…thereby eliminating “the white man” excuse. When you point that out, you are subject to vicious attacks — threats of violence are not uncommon. All because blacks have an undying need to feel like victims. Why would those black people of prominence bother putting themselves through such an experience for simply trying to help when they don’t have to? Point blank — if black Americans wants to do better, emotionalism has no place. Logic and reason must become supreme.

Rule #7: No more are we to pass down the inferiority complex to our offspring. Nothing disgusts me more in the black community than to see young black people with a feeling of inferiority due to what they’ve been taught about the history of slavery and Jim Crow in America. First off, black children are taught about slavery not from an informational standpoint, but from an error-ridden, emotional standpoint that creates a defeatist mentality in the mind of the black child. They then begin to believe that the world is set up for them to fail, that everyone is racist and out to get them, etc., which isn’t true. We must begin now to first, stop teaching false history to our children. Slavery was not a racially motivated event, it was purely economic. However, teaching black children the truth about slavery would then place black adults in the hot seat, which they seek to avoid.

Here’s what we are going to do — from now, anyone who dares tell a black child they can’t do something because of their race, that person is to be cast out of the community. It is impossible for us to excel as a race if we don’t believe that we can. Frankly, we could’ve been better off a long time ago had it not been for the elder generation forcing inferior beliefs on the younger generation. If you aren’t going to teach a black child the TRUTH about slavery, in that it wasn’t a racially motivated event but about money AND that Africans sold their own into slavery, then don’t teach them about slavery at all. The last thing we need is for the next generation to grow up with a feeling of inferiority and send the race backwards all because they’re still embracing outdated beliefs. If you would simply let go of all emotional ties you may have to slavery, that would be ideal.

Rule #8: You are required to constantly work to better yourself so that you may contribute to building up not only your community, but the world in general. Your goal is to add value to society. As it currently stands, black America is a drain on society. Black America consumes the most and produces the least. To reverse that condition, we are to build up our communities by encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation, etc. We have the resources to get it done with a spending power of $1.1 trillion. No more telling young black men that they’re only route to the top is through rap music, sports, acting or some other form of entertainment. No more telling black girls that they’re route to the top is by finding a rich man and getting pregnant by him in hopes of receiving a huge payday, becoming a video vixen, etc. We are to encourage our black youth to excel through the fields that contribute to the functionality of the world — finance, law, medical, business, etc.

No more are we to depend on the system for survival. Government assistance creates dependency which creates a slave. Therefore, we need to get off the government assistance and start using our money to control the economics of our communities. This means building businesses in your own communities and producing your own. You say that the schools don’t educate your children properly? Use part of that $1.1 trillion to create private schools that will properly educate your children.Every dollar you spend on a pair of Jordans, expensive outfits or other frivolous items could be used to build your community. I know many of you would love to believe that it can’t be done (to satisfy your victim consciousness) but the existence of Black Wall Street says otherwise.

I know some will say that this can’t be done because “they” won’t allow you the money to build business. But to counter that, I’m gonna quote what I stated in a previous article: “It’s been stated that the spending power of black America has reached $1.1 trillion annually. With that sort of spending power, there’s no excuse for black enterprise to go unfunded. That is more than enough money to have plenty of black owned Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and even Investment Banks geared towards funding black entrepreneurs. But the failure to put our money together, instead deciding to blow it on frivolous items, is what is paralyzing black enterprise.”

What I’ve outlined so far is the new G-Code for black America. I will add on to this list as more principles come to mind, but for now, I’ve hammered the most important things that could put us on the fast track to improvement.


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