Why Racism is Powerless

This article stems from a question someone asked. They asked about a statement made by Messy (Jesse) Jackson in which he stated that blacks can’t be racist because we don’t have the power to do so. In this article, I am going to deconstruct that entire position. So sit back, open your mind and learn something….

In my opinion, it’s not okay for anyone of any race to be racist and to say that blacks can’t be racist is bullshit. I guess what Jesse Jackson was trying to say was that blacks don’t have the economic power and means to oppress. But that is again false. The true definition of racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. If you don’t believe me, look it up. By that definition, anyone can be racist because racism is simply a state of mind. The implementation of an actual system to control you and/or deprive you of your rights is called oppression. Unfortunately, blacks seem to think that racism and oppression are synonymous terms, and they aren’t. Some say that blacks don’t have the power to oppress but blacks do a good job of oppressing each other. “How so,” you might ask and I’ll explain. Whenever a black person is engaging in any action that is constructive and progressive (speaking properly, avoiding legal trouble, valuing education, family and hard work, etc), he or she is accused of acting white, selling out, being an Uncle Tom, hating themselves, etc. But as long as you’re engaging in all things deconstructive (selling dope, killing, incarceration, etc.), you’re told that you’re “keepin’ it real.”

This attempt to change the definition of racism is due largely to your pro-black sector of African-Americans and also your race hustlers in an attempt to hide their own racism. These guys say the most despicable things about other races of people, and people began to call them out on their hypocrisy. To counter people’s claims of hypocrisy, they sought to change the definition of racism from being about a feeling towards another race to being about economic means and oppression. But again, that’s bullshit and blacks are by far the most racist people on the planet by true definition. However…

During Jim Crow, blacks dealt w/ oppression that stemmed from racism but the oppression wasn’t racism in itself (if that makes sense). To put it simply, the oppressors of the day were motivated by racism. But nowadays, there’s no racially motivated oppression taking place. What blacks refer to today as racially motivated oppression is nothing more than them harvesting the fruits which they’ve planted. The seeds they’ve planted is ignorance, hatred, anti-intellectualism, glorification of all of the destructive forces in the black community, consumerism, etc. It’s a common law of nature that whatever you plant, has the potential to provide a ten-fold return. In other words…if you lead a life of degeneracy, you’re only going to get more degeneracy in return. There’s no “racism” in that.

Besides, who gives a fuck if a person is racist if they don’t have any power over you? Racism nowadays is no different than a person disliking someone for being fat or some other silly form of intolerance. The truth is that people are gonna dislike you for whatever reason. Anything that differentiates you from another person, there’s someone who will dislike you for it. But there’s no need to make a public spectacle of it. That being said…GET OVER IT.

I know, I know…this is where you’re gonna attempt to justify your hatred because of slavery. How can you honestly justify any group of people hating another for something that happened more than a century ago and not even to you? First off, not every white person owned a slave, but I’ll touch on that in a moment. What if a white man were assaulted and robbed by a group of blacks, and from that moment on, hated them for the rest of his life. Not only that, he taught his kids to hate blacks, and then his family passed that hatred down from generation to generation. Now you have generations hating a group of people because of something that happened to a relative a long time ago….not even to them. That’s exactly how you all are acting. So, please explain to me how are you so traumatized over something that didn’t even happen to you?

Yeah, slavery happened and it was terrible, but slavery was NOT a racially motivated event (I’ll explain why slavery was promoted as being racially motivated later). The truth of the matter is that slavery was purely economic. If you don’t think slavery was mainly economic based, then you need to go back and read the whole slew of documents on the subject. Why else would you have slaves, but to have an economic advantage (free labor)? If racism is the basis of slavery, then why did pale skinned slaves exist? Why were the majority of whites also in bondage or in poverty (have you seen Mary Poppins)? Why did Black & Red (Native American) slave owners exist amongst white slave owners?

The majority of people didn’t have any say or rights. During those days, “rights” were connected to “land ownership,” something the masses of whites NEVER would even dream of having. Only about 10% of the population were landowners, and had rights to vote, etc. Its still that way to this day, but it’s masked. They give so called civil rights to the people to act like they were apart of the nation, but they are still serfs. If you study law, you will see nothing changed on that level, its all about ASSETS in this bitch, not skin color. As I said above, while slavery was going on in the U.S., various European nations paid monetary tributes to nations ran by dark skinned people, in North Africa. How is this so? In fact, there are letters between George Washington and a Sultan in North Africa – Washington gave him praise.

If you wanna take it further, there was a time in history when whites were slaves to the Africans. But on a side note, I’ll give whites and other ethnic groups credit for keeping secret their history of servitude. They don’t reminisce on it and parade it around like it’s something to be proud of. Whites only display the part of their history that displays them as superior. Because they keep their period of servitude a secret, the rest of the world view whites as superior. For the same reason, we need to forget about slavery and began to celebrate the part of our history that show us in a position of power. I honestly don’t see what benefit a black child would miss out on if they didn’t know anything about slavery, especially the fucked up way in which its taught in our society that does nothing but breed hatred and inferiority.

That being said, the only after effects slavery has on blacks are the effects that you all continue to force on yourselves. Choosing to live in a state of degeneracy just so you can somehow prove that the “white man” won’t let you succeed is one of the worse. Blacks kill each other at a rate of over 94%, but that gets overlooked. Blacks spend so much time trying to identify with the slave lifestyle that they invite certain issues into their lives. Trying to figure out all the fine details of what being a slave was like isn’t going to get you anywhere. Please don’t refer to Willie Lynch because it’s been proven that Willie Lynch never existed and that entire speech for which he was credited as giving was pure fiction. The effect of Willie Lynch has become nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy. Meaning that blacks caught wind of that letter and unconsciously began to act out those things in order to make them true. “Willie Lynch” was crafted by the CIA. Just like the movie “Roots” was also put together by Alex Haley who had ties to the CIA. Why would the CIA do this? Because…getting you to continuously reminisce on slavery keeps you weak. So they gave you Roots and Willie Lynch.

Also, yes there was racism as a result of slavery and even oppression that stemmed from the racism. But let’s break that down. The racist oppression was carried out by poor whites. Why? Because the idea of slavery was also sold to poor whites as being racially motivated (which I will explain WHY below). As a result, we had Jim Crow. FYI: The first slaves to arrive in America were actually white (Irish), not blacks.

Let’s take this thing up another notch. It has been documented that racism was a tool specifically constructed by social engineers during the 1600s in order to keep poor whites and blacks at war with each other. It’s been shown that the white race was “invented” specifically for that purpose. The reason racism was created was so that poor whites and blacks would be so busy fighting that they’d never notice that they are both being screwed over by an elite group of people. And if you look around you today, you will see that this is still very much the case. I’m not going to go into too much detail on that but I’ll recommend a few books that will explain exactly that later in this article.

I’d also like to address something else that black people could learn from. I’ve already outlined how poor whites terrorized blacks during the late 1800s to mid 1900s. The only reason they were able to do that, despite being poor is because they knew how to come together, pool their resources and further their agenda. That’s all the KKK was….a group of poor, crazy rednecks (who happened to be Democrats…the political party blacks vote for 95%) who banded together with a cause in mind. That is how a group of poor whites were able to rise to power. Black people complain about not having any power but if we banded together like poor whites did, we could rise to power pretty fast as well.

I know that some negro is going to say that racism is keeping them down by stating that it takes money to succeed in America, let me debunk that as well. It doesn’t take money to make money, it takes CAPITAL to make money. Capital can be raised through various sources. It’s been stated that the spending power of black America has reached $1.1 trillion annually. With that sort of spending power, there’s no excuse for black enterprise to go unfunded. That is more than enough money to have plenty of black owned Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and even Investment Banks geared towards funding black entrepreneurs. But the failure to put our money together, instead deciding to blow it on frivolous items, is what is paralyzing black enterprise.

Speaking of black enterprise, this brings me to another point. The segregation was mostly a good thing. It has been proven that segregation was more beneficial to the black community (as evidenced in higher educational based scores, higher business ownership [Black Wall Street], etc). The civil rights movement and all that was funded by the children of industrialists, it was not sincerely a black thing. We fail to miss the point when we take an emotional-ass stance, instead of dealing with facts.

I also suggest you crack open a few books of black entrepreneurs who started with nothing and worked their way up to super wealth. I suggest reading about A.G. Gaston and Reginald Lewis (the first black billionaire). Read about Reginald Lewis especially, because he made his fortune through Leveraged Buyouts, which is a white dominated field but whites (such as Michael Milken) worked with him because he didn’t use his race as a crutch. Anyone who tells you that it takes money to make money is an idiot. How much sense does it say that you have to already be rich to get rich?

Some may even reference the Jews, but I give the Jews credit as well because instead of reflecting on their period of servitude and genocide, they also have risen to a level of power and have taken shit over. They’ve infiltrated banking, law, etc. after being denied access to these arenas. You don’t see them using the holocaust as an excuse for everything. In fact, every group on this earth has been persecuted and enslaved at some point, but they moved on and began to thrive. However, it’s only blacks who continue to hold on to it and use it as a crutch for everything.

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna advise you to stop getting your history lessons only from pro-black sources. Those types ALWAYS have an agenda, and that agenda is to profit from your ignorance by using skin color. Here’s a few books I’ve read and that you should read that will tell you the truth about the other side of the coin:

White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One Million White Slaves
They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
The Invention of the White Race

So, that’s your answer. Blacks use that “blacks can’t be racist” line to justify their own double standard of racism. They want to be racist but don’t want anyone to be racist towards them. I’ve also debunked the idea that racism is somehow keeping black people down. I know that as a black man, I’m gonna catch hell from other black people on here for saying what I’ve said, but I’ve got to call the foolishness out.

P.S: A lot of those pro-black types are probably right in that blacks will never dominate whites. But hold on…why would they want to dominate whites anyways? Aren’t they mad at whites for their dominance, so why do they want to do the same thing that they claim to be mad about? But anyways, this failure to dominate won’t be because of a lack of guns, but because blacks fight hard to remain ignorant and inferior. That’s right…blacks WANT to be inferior and ignorant. Why? Because it helps them to continue to feel like that victims of society. To a large part of the race, being able to play the victim and race card is more important than doing well in life. I don’t understand it, but a large part of the community thinks that way.


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