There’s No Excuse To Be Uneducated

Yep, I said it. In today’s time, there is absolutely no excuse to be uneducated. You may look around and see the costs of higher education (college) rising and think to yourself “college is become increasingly unaffordable which makes it difficult for most to attend.” Others will complain of the quality of the schools in their areas and so forth. But we’re gonna dispel those myths (excuses, rather) in this article.

We live in a world that is becoming more technologically advanced as each day passes. Through this advancement in technology, information has been more accessible than ever before. If one has a simple question to which they have no answer, they can simply Google it and find the answer in a few seconds. But with information so readily available, many will make the claim that education is off-limits to them. There is an abundance of information on the internet….free information, I might add. In fact, you have entire websites setup solely for the purpose of providing free education on a variety of subjects. There are even YouTube channels setup to teach people any and everything they would like to know.

These same people who claim that education is hard to obtain will search log on to the internet every single day to engage in buffoonery on social media for hours at a time, but they never thought to use that same internet to search for topics in which they wish to become educated. Instead of going on YouTube to access the wealth of free knowledge, they watch twerk videos, people fighting and other savage nonsense. If you’re reading this and you think that I’m lying about the ease of access to free information available online, just do a Google search on any topic you wish to learn and watch what comes up. Personally, I taught myself the skills of Photography and Graphic Design by utilizing online tutorials was able to establish a lucrative business as a result.

Now let’s talk about another avenue of obtaining education. Then there are some that will complain about the public school systems which they attend. While the teaching may be sub par, you can supplement what isn’t being learned in the classroom by visiting the free library(s) in your local area. The only thing one has to do is get a library card, which again is free, and they have unlimited access to a wealth of information. But unfortunately, these libraries are largely ignored by those who claim to want knowledge.

Aside from the vast amount of knowledge available on the internet, you also have books written by professionals in their field. There are financiers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, philosophers, etc., who author books which practically outlines the knowledge they’ve amassed after years in their line of work. Someone may say that they don’t have $20-30 to spend on a book by these authors, but that’s yet another excuse because a lot of these types of books can be found on places like Amazon, eBay, etc., for dirt cheap. I’ve caught many great works for $0.01 (plus shipping). Besides, how dare you complain about spending $20-30 for a book when you have no problem spending hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes or some other frivolous crap that contribute nothing positive to your life. Which brings to mind a quote (I have no idea who authored this quote). It goes, “Rich people have big libraries and small TVs. Poor people have small libraries and big TVs.” That quote can be taken to the bank.

Many people like to approach me and condemn me for knowing the things I know. If you’re a reader of my material, then you know that my field is the Financial Markets. They tell me that I’m lucky to be proficient in my field and that they can’t afford college…and so forth. Truth be told, I’ve never attended college. I simply did the things which I’ve outlined here. I read books by authors that are masters in their fields, watched videos, talked to others in the field, etc. That being said, I can tell you from personal experience that there is no excuse to be uneducated.

I’d be remiss in my duties here if I didn’t warn you of two things. 1) Acquiring education isn’t a straight shot. What I mean is…there are people who publish books, video courses, (and every other educational material I’ve mentioned), who have no clue what they’re talking about. Many of those types are either misinformed or only out for a quick buck. So there’s a chance that you’re gonna encounter junk every now and then. In other words, you will have to use the trial and error method to find the credible sources. 2) You may be tempted to purchase a great number of books on the subject which you wish to learn. One tends to believe that the more books, the better. I fell into this trap myself but knowing what I know now, I’ve come to the realization that it’s not the number of books you own that matters — it’s the quality. In other words, it’s better to own a few good books on a subject than to own an entire library of mediocre books on the subject. Having an entire room full of books may look good for show, but in terms of actual learning, it means nothing. Quality vs. quantity.

Now that we have countered every excuse one makes for being educated, let me counter one more. If you have noticed, my solutions have been centered around self-education and because of that, some will argue that obtaining education independently won’t help you to land a job because employers want to see a college degree. That person may have a point, but that is why the self-education route is usually most preferred by people that are entrepreneurial. But since this isn’t about acquiring a job, but about gaining knowledge, I’ve explained how you can in fact gain that knowledge you claim to desperately seek. It’s out there for the taking….no one is keeping it from you despite the foolishness you may have been told.


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