Who Are The Wealthiest People In The World?

The foregoing article was authored by Theodore De Dumas of the Young & Opulent Group

This discussion comes up a lot between aspiring entrepreneurs, that of “Who are the wealthiest people in the world?” I often find myself overly curious about this as well. After doing a little bit of research, I’m gonna present my findings here. But first, let me start by saying…..

Contrary to what many people believe, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Carlos Slim Helu, are not the wealthiest people on the planet. There is a point where your assets can hardly be measured in currency. When some of the royals and financiers legal wealth is calculated, its towers over the net worth’s of people like Bill Gates and Buffet. One example is the Queen of England:

Who Owns the World » Largest Landowner:

There are also powerful families that go way beyond some mis-info published Illuminati theory, the Illuminati was started by a group of ancient European Black-a-Moors with roots in Spain, Portugal, and France, the group was originally called Alumbrado (this name is still used in Royal Congo circles in system like Palo Judia [and Mayombe]).

They were later expelled and their estates and allodial titles were taken over by the Vatican, Saudi Royals, Dutch Princes, other Royals (Like the King of Thailand), and old Roman families like the Farnes, Maximus, Aldobradini, and Breakspears. These people have no legal obligation make public their financial records or any information regarding their holdings.

Even lower level financiers and bankers have more money than people you see on the Forbes’ list. It was noted that the Rothschild’s family wealth was estimated at over $6 billion US in 1850. This is documented in the book, “House of Rothschild”. Compound that amount in U.S. dollars, and current time (2013), and you get a staggering figure. I don’t have the data at the moment, but it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that in today’s money (inflation-adjusted), you’d get a figure in the trillions.

If one wants to know what companies are ruling the world, simply research holding companies, and learn which holding companies own the largest corporations around the world. As an investor in the stock market, I’ve seen most of the larger companies are bought out or cornered by the same very large holding companies and sovereign wealth funds. You should already know the world is ruled by a few, those with the money have the power, and the power distrubution is the same as it was during any other time in history.

Yet, its been like this forever, its called the 80/20 principle or Pareto’s Law, no matter what you do, or how equal the society claims to be, the wealth will always fall in the hands of a few. The mass are simply not responsible enough to handle being free or sovereign, and accumulating true wealth.

Thanks for reading!

Sean Tudor Carter

“We live in deeds, not years. In thoughts not breaths, in feelings, not in figures on a dial.”

Sean Tudor Carter is an experienced investor, entrepreneur, research and writer for the Young & Opulent Group, a company formed to serve the needs of up and coming entrepreneurs, investors, and scholars who wish to reach opulent goals and stay consciously afloat in these fast changing times.


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