To Reap The Rewards, Work Must Be Done

The foregoing article was originally written October 2012:

By now, I would think that this simple point would be a well known fact with which everyone would be familiar. But it saddens me to see that the majority of our society doesn’t understand the principle of doing the work in order to reap the rewards. But we’re gonna try to instill that sense of hard work into people starting here, by discussing not just the physical reasons for putting in work, but also the metaphysical.

There are no handouts in this world. Even what appears to be a handout always comes at a cost. In order to have anything in this world, you’ve got to do the work. Not only the physical work, but also the mental work (the hardest work there is). A person who’s done the work can ask for anything to which they are entitled and receive it without resistance. But a person who hasn’t done the work doesn’t have that luxury. Ironically, those that haven’t done the work are those who feel the most entitled. Those are the ones that are mad at the world and trying to force the world to give them something, but they haven’t done anything to earn that for which they’re asking. It doesn’t work that way in the physical world. Most importantly, it doesn’t work that way in the metaphysical realm either.

What exactly is “the work?” By the work, I mean anything that contributes to the greater good of society. If what you’re doing is making the world a better place, even in the smallest sense, then you’re sure to be rewarded many times over. Don’t think that’s true? Consider this: what happens when a farmer plants ONE apple seed in the ground and properly cares for it? That one seed produces a whole tree of apples, not just one. Between the time the farmer plants the seed and harvest time, he must wait patiently for the seed to blossom into a full grown tree. But while he waits, he continues to care for the crop, essentially still doing the work. The same goes for the constructive work you perform. Call it The Law of Increasing Returns. Under this law, a person performs a duty and their returns are returned in a proportion greater than the service that was rendered.

Another thing about doing the work is knowing that you aren’t going to be rewarded immediately, and you most likely won’t be rewarded by the source to whom you rendered the service. But, The Law of Compensation says that you have to be rewarded. Remember the old saying, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?” That saying is based on the operation of The Law of Compensation. That’s another reason why a lot of people won’t do the work. We’re all guilty of falling into that way of thinking at times. We want to see immediate results instead of sitting patiently and knowing that The Law of Compensation will take care of things.

When you’ve done the work and your compensation is being withheld, interest on that compensation is being compounded! Those that are familiar with finance know the power of compound interest, which is basically interest accumulating on top of interest, leading to exponential growth. That’s what happened with the Farmer from our earlier example! Because he waited so long for his crop to harvest, compound interest via The Law of Increasing Returns lead to the farmer receiving far more crops than he planted. And so it goes in every other area of life. When you look at it this way — you should never again feel bad for not receiving compensation immediately for work performed since you know its gonna come back to you multiplied. But since I’m human, I know its not possible to follow this line of reasoning all the time.

Now that we know about The Law of Increasing Returns and The Law of Compensation, I must also add that these laws work to a person’s detriment just as effectively as it does to their benefit. There’s another old saying, “You Reap What You Sow.” It doesn’t say “You reap what you sow only if what you’ve sown is positive.” There’s no addendum. Knowing what you know now, let me ask you something. In our present day society, one in which people are adamantly opposed to doing the work, but expecting to receive the rewards, what do you think is being sown? When you look at what is occurring in the world, and you’re honest with yourself, you’d admit that the law is operating perfectly. People aren’t doing the work, so they’re reaping what they’re sowing — which is nothing. Because of The Law of Increasing Returns, if you’re engaging in negative, nonconstructive behavior, you will receive, negative results many times over. That is why our society is in the predicament it is in now.

Forget what anyone else told you. The truth is that the ONLY way to reap the reward is by doing the work. Anyone who tells you differently either has something to tell you, haven’t done anything with their lives or they’re involved in some dishonest activity. Time and time again, it has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that laziness will get you nowhere. For some reason, our society insists on believing they can get be lazy and force the laws of the universe to give them the things they desire. These people might get what they want for a while through force, but since the law always works, they’ll eventually have to face the consequences of their actions.

But you might ask, “What about people that are wealthy who don’t do hardly any work?” The answer is: Those people spent so much time putting in work, probably 16-20 hours a day, for so many years that the world is indebted to them and paying them nicely because of it. They’re living off of compound interest payments which accumulated from the time that seemed as if their hard work was in vain! When you’re working extra hard and it seems as if its not paying off right then, the world becomes indebted to you and will eventually pay you back many times over…that’s The Law of Compensation and The Law of Increasing Returns. You could also look at it this way — if you’re performing the work but aren’t seeing immediate results, work even harder because you KNOW for a fact that you’re going to be rewarded in a big way. By law, it has to happen. That is how the wealthy person can spend their life in leisure if they so choose. By the way, when I say that the world is indebted to you, I’m speaking strictly metaphysically.


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