The Mechanics Behind Prayer

I decided that I’m gonna take a break on the economic articles for a while and get into writing more about metaphysics. To begin, I’m gonna discuss the mechanics behind what the masses refer to as prayer. People often ask me, “since you don’t believe in god, how can you explain the answering of prayers?” As a student of metaphysics, I’m gonna explain exactly that. But first, I suggest you forget everything you thought you knew and approach the proceeding contents of this article with an open mind. To start it off, here’s a status update I posted on Facebook recently:

Since people message me asking about my religious views (or lack thereof), not usually in a mean way, I’m gonna attempt to clarify.

What the masses call God, I call Infinite Intelligence or Universal Mind…an energetic force that is responsible for all things manifested. This force isn’t controlled externally as modern day religion teaches, but internally within man through our ability to think.

Our power to think is our connection to omnipotence. Everything that has ever been manifested is the result of thought (mind in motion). The law works in perfect connection to the predominant attitude of the world. Because of that, while the masses look outside of themselves for power, I look within.

What you call “god” isn’t a force you should bow down to and worship, you are an extension of that force. You (the real spiritual you, not the physical) are exactly the same as the Universal. You are simply a drop of water in an ocean. Its simple metaphysics. Unfortunately, we’ve all been taught the opposite, which is why the world is the way it is.

Let’s explain Universal Mind/Infinite Intelligence. Universal Mind can be described as mind substance that is omnipresent and permeates all things. Meaning, that this energy we call mind, is everywhere and is in everything….including us. Which leads us to the conclusion that everything in the universe is connected through Universal Mind. As mentioned previously, this mind substance manifests and takes form in the physical world according to a person’s thoughts.

That now brings us to this point: humans (unlike other life forms) have two modes of thought — Conscious and Subconscious. Our conscious mode of thought is the one we employ the most and is controlled by our brain. Our subconscious mode of thought is our spiritual selves which connects us to Universal Mind. Its the storehouse of knowledge, wisdom, power, etc. In fact, our subconscious mind IS part of Universal Mind. The subconscious is located in the solar plexus. This is why when the subconscious speaks, people usually describe it as a “gut feeling.” Little do they know, they’re being advised by a higher power. Since the subconscious is part of the Universal Mind, which is the only creator there is, that means that we are also creators. The only power mind has is to think. Which now brings us to this conclusion: If Universal Mind is the only creator there is, and our subconscious mind is an extension of the Universal, and the only activity mind is capable of is thought….that simply means that thought is creative. If you’re religiously inclined, when the bible says “God made man in his image and likeness,” that’s what its talking about.

The conscious mind, the mode of thought we use the most, has the ability to impress the subconscious mind. Which means — every thought you think, every suggestion you take in is leaving its mark on the subconsciousness. Any thought that is persisted in will eventually be accepted by the subconscious (belief), and when that happens, the subconscious begins to attract everything to make that a reality. Simply thinking about a thing won’t bring it into fruition. But constantly thinking about that thing until its picked up by the subconscious will create that same condition. That is why people who have negative views of the world always get what they’re looking for. You may think its because they have bad luck, but that’s not true, its because they’re creating everything in their lives. Technically speaking, when you understand the principle of Universal Mind, you’d understand that there’s no such thing as good and bad. There’s only ONE principle, we only polarize that principle (using good and bad) to make it easier to understand.

Now, how does all this tie into prayer? You should now have a basic understanding of how things are manifested in our world…through thought. In metaphysics, we have terms that we use such as autosuggestion, affirmations, self-hypnosis, etc. Those terms refer to someone stating what they want consciously in order to impress the subconscious mind. The key is to state these things repeatedly with full belief in their attainment. In prayer, a person is employing the same method…stating what they want consciously.

But here’s the trick: When stating what is wanted with the intention of passing it to the subconscious mind, emotion must be attached to that particular thing. If you wish to see that thing brought to realization, you’d attach the emotion of belief and faith. Belief should be so strong that you believe it to be already in existence. When a desire that strong is accepted by the subconscious, its physical manifestation is practically guaranteed. A desire accepted by the subconscious mind is like a seed planted in fertile soil. The subconscious will attract everything it needs to manifest that desire just as long as you continue to keep the seed alive and growing. But however, you must be ready to do the work! That is why in prayer, you’re instructed to have faith that you will receive what you’re praying for.  That is because “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That definition of faith means that even though you have no evidence to prove that what you’re desiring exists, you believe that it does because you’ve already created it in your mind and accepted it as a fact (unfortunately, people have used that definition of faith to feed lies to religious followers).

Those are the mechanics behind prayer! As you can see, its all metaphysical. Unfortunately, religion and its teachers have taught people the false way of not only praying for a thing, but a false view of the world in general. If you are into religion, I hope that this article has helped you to understand your belief system a lot better.


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