The Master Key System Review

Charles F. Haanel

Charles F. Haanel

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing what I and many people consider to be the greatest book on not only success, but metaphysics, of all time. This is the book that a lot of “self-help gurus” won’t tell you about. “The Master Key System.” I own an original copy of The Master Key System which enables me to provide you with an accurate review because I’ve read the author’s actual words — not an edited version. So let’s begin with how The Master Key System came to be.

Around 1911, Mr. Haanel (you can read his biography HERE), after founding several successful businesses, created The Master Key System.” In the beginning, The Master Key System was offered as a 24-week correspondence course. Each week, the student would receive a different lesson. Along with each lesson came an exercise that was to be performed. That way, the student could move on to the next step only after mastering the previous exercise. Originally, the cost of The Master Key System course was somewhere around $1,000. This, by the way, was at a time when people were living off of maybe $500 a year. So only the wealthy had the means to acquire The Master Key System.

If you’ve done any research on The Master Key System, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that this book is credited for launching The Silicon Valley boom. The story goes that The Master Key System made its way into Silicon Valley around the 70s and became a pretty hot commodity. There’s also a story that Bill Gates discovered The Master Key System, and as a result, dropped out of college and founded Microsoft. The Bill Gates story hasn’t been confirmed. I’m only including it because its really well known. For all I know, it COULD be true.

There’s another popular story which states that the Catholic church sought to have The Master Key System banned. This story hasn’t been confirmed, but I wouldn’t write it off as absurd because anyone who’s honest with themselves knows that the Catholic church is adamantly opposed to anyone knowing the truth.

Okay, now on to the review of the actual contents of the book. The Master Key System book still contains the original 24-week curriculum as it did when it was a by-mail correspondence course. Its actually written in 24 parts. In these 24 part, you’ll find that this is the most thorough book on the subject of not only The Law of Attraction, but on Universal Laws and metaphysics in general. On top of that, its written in an easy to understand format that anyone could read and comprehend. You won’t find a better book on the subject. The reader would get the most benefit out of The Master Key System if they actually performed the exercises given at the end of each chapter exactly as instructed to.

This is coming from a person who’s read all the “classics” on self-help, but truth be told, this is the one that most people have referred to as being “the one.” If you’re looking for a book that’s gonna tell you to close your eyes and picture yourself as being successful without being of service, this isn’t the book for you. You will learn not only how to think correctly, but why (from a metaphysical standpoint) being of SERVICE and putting in work is so important…its not for the reasons you think, either.

I can honestly tell you that reading The Master Key System enabled ME to see how the world truly operates. What’s more important is that Mr. Haanel isn’t speaking theoretically when presenting the information laid forth in The Master Key System. Mr. Haanel was a member of The League of Science, The Institute of Metaphysics, a 32nd Degree Freemason (Shriner), a member of the Rosicrucian Order, etc. So the man is well learned and knows his stuff.

I honestly believe that The Master Key System, if it were widely known, could do a great deal of good in the world. Not only for the purpose of helping people attain success, but for the purpose of exposing people to the truth, which would create a peaceful environment for us to live. If a person is into any form of religion, The Master Key System breaks down the metaphysics of all religions. In this book, you will learn how to use and manifest the life force we know as Infinite Intelligence. Not only does Mr. Haanel explains how these principles work for the physical world (the world without), what’s more important is that he explains in great detail how a person’s world within works and how to go about changing that world so that you may see positive change in your world without. As you should be able to see now, this book isn’t just about achieving material success, its about spiritual illumination.

In 1919, Napoleon Hill wrote a letter to Mr. Haanel, thanking him for The Master Key System and crediting it for his own success. This is really significant because Napoleon Hill also wrote what I consider alongside The Master Key System to be the greatest success book of all time, The Law of Success. Here are the contents of that letter.

“April 21, 1919.
“Mr. Charles F. Haanel,
“St. Louis, Mo.

“My dear Mr. Haanel:

“You probably know, from the editorial in the January issue of the Golden Rule, copy of which my Secretary sent to you, that I began twenty-two years ago as a coal miner at a dollar a day.

“I have just been retained by a ten million dollar corporation at a salary of $105,200.00 a year, for a portion of my time only, it having been agreed that I shall continue as editor of the Hill’s Golden Rule.

“I believe in giving credit where it is due, therefore I believe I ought to inform you that my present success and the success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master-Key System.

“You are doing a good work by helping people to realize that nothing is impossible of accomplishment which a man can create in his imagination. Surely my own experience proves this.

“I shall cooperate with you in getting your course into the hands of the many who so greatly need your message.

“Cordially and sincerely,
“Napoleon Hill,
“Editor, The Golden Rule
“Chicago, Illinois”

By the way, that 105,200.00 a year salary Napoleon Hill quoted as being his annual salary, would be over $2.5 Million Dollars in today’s money.

In conclusion: As mentioned before, The Master Key System is without a doubt the most thorough book you’ll find on the subject of success and how to attain it. If you truly understand what Mr. Haanel is presenting, then you should have the desire to not just achieve material success, but an insatiable desire to acquire even more knowledge. I would even go as far as recommending that you skip 99% of all success/law of attraction books (because most of them are junk and/or they got most of their information from The Master Key System) and just get the original. Most importantly, the information contained in The Master Key System is pragmatic, meaning, that the person presenting the information is speaking from experience.

If you’d like to get your hands on a digital copy, you can do so right now for only $1.99. Get yours today.

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  1. Your and your readers might like to know that Haanel’s book can be had free at Google Books (not Google PLAY Books). Select the PDF version as the ePub ones are OCRed and have atrocious formatting and errors. Sorry for so many Comments, but I’ve been reading your posts.


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