Stress Can Be Beneficial

By Theodore De Dumas of the Young & Opulent Group


Stress Can Be BeneficialStress is not always a negative thing. People fail to realize that everything on this planet has a polarity, everything has its own use! As the Book of Ecclesiastics (book that was transmitted from Ancient Egypt) states, there is a time and season for everything, even for emotions such as morose  and anger. They are all relevant to an individual’s experiences on Earth.Lately, all the anti-stress campaigns have failed to address the fact that stress can at time, be beneficial. Without stress, the early human beings would not have made it through various situations. Stress stimulates the need for evolution (by this I mean forward movement).

Stress conceives an itch for change. When someone is stressed out, the body is supplemented with extra hormone and other chemical processes that support action. The insalubrious effects of stress only result when constant stress occurs with no action. This usually happens with people who consecutively hate their lifestyle (especially jobs) and fail to get up and do something about it. The stress is not the problem, its only a means.

The populace should take responsibility for every aspect of their lives (that are within their control). Any bodily response like stress is only produced by the actions and lifestyle of the individual. No chemical reaction in the body can happen without a cause.

The cure for stress is not some pill, or better sleep, the cure is to act upon that which is stressing you out. All other paths are only hacking at the branches and not the root. If you are stressed about a certain job position, sit down and learn what you need to do to be in a position that fits you more, or identify WHY the job is stressing you out. Is it really the job, or is it you?

Now, the real masters know how to use stress properly. They understand that stress is actually a helper to the human being if used correctly. Of course it shouldn’t be a daily thing, but if you are working on a project, or want to get something done, and you need to perform at a high level, stress can certainly accommodate your success. Don’t believe me? Give yourself a deadline to do something and watch you work towards it like a drug fiend. The chemicals produced by stress have only been found to be deadly if they are constantly released by the endocrine system. Its the same story as the adrenals, in certain situations they are a life savor, but if continually used they will become excausted and cause an imbalance in the body.

Bottom line, don’t fear stress! Learn about it. Education beats ignorance. If you are stressed over a situation, it signal the need for change. When you are stressed or anxious about some coming event, don’t worry, it is there to help, accept the fact the stress will help, and you will see a transformation of the energy of stress into something useful.


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