Religion Is The Root Of All Evil


“This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it.” – John Adams

It’s time to address the biggest force of evil on the entire planet. A force that has ruled with an iron fist for thousands of years. I know that I’m gonna upset a lot of people with this, but frankly, I don’t care. What’s this force called? It’s called Religion. Religion is a force of evil and here’s why. . .

To be a free as a person, you must break the chains of religion. This force is absolutely fatal to Free Thinking. Need proof that religion is evil? There’s proof in abundance, just research the crusades amongst other events of religious slaughter-fests. Look at the violence in the middle east, for example. Religious institutions have always been against Free Thought, and would murder anyone for being a Free Thinker. The church’s point of view was this — you either believe what we say, or we’ll kill you. This is why groups like The Illuminati Order and The Freemasons were formed, to break free from the church’s abuse and censorship of learning. In today’s world, it’s no different. People still violently oppose Free Thought. Religion forbids you to use your most precious gift, that of free thought. Here’s a shocking fact: More people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other reason in the history of the world. If you wish to deny this, just research the crusades….

Before I dive into the meat of this topic, I’ll admit that there’s a very small number of religious groups doing a great amount of good in the world. I take my hat off to those people. These groups are very rare and are only the exception. Those few people don’t change what religion truly is. I know some of you are probably saying, “but, but, but….the evil ones aren’t REAL christians.” In fact, I’ve noticed recently that christians have even been trying to escape their bad rap by claiming that christianity isn’t a religion but a spiritual system. But we know that to be complete bullshit. Apparently, anyone who says that haven’t done their homework. Christianity was created specifically for the purpose of controlling the population — ask the ancient Romans.

What has become what we know today as religion, in the beginning, wasn’t meant to be taken literally. The truth is — the Bible and other religious texts are books of allegorical tales which explains the metaphysical laws of the universe. The origins of religious texts can be traced to Ancient Egypt. During that time, Pharaohs would write allegorical stories explaining their scientific knowledge of astrology. By allegorical is meant fictional stories that illustrates real life principles. In other words — religious texts are no different than an Aesop Fable. If people did their homework, they’d see that all religious text say the same thing. The only reason why religions have different names is because the message was spread by different prophets. The prophets, by the way, were nothing more than regular men who’d reached a level of knowledge called “Illumination.” It was through these texts in question that these great men attempted to share their knowledge. Yes, even Jesus was just a regular philosopher, not the son of an invisible man. Now that we know religious texts are metaphoric (allegorical), how did it get to this point? Let’s continue. . .

Originally, religion was meant to teach the people how to live a happy, peaceful lives and to be much service to the greater good through the use of Universal Laws.  But then came a group who saw an opportunity to control the population. So they began to rewrite the texts, manipulating it’s method of being taught and began using a fear-based approach which lead to the creation of what we know today as religion. Since then, it’s been chaos. We went from a system teaching love, inner peace and respect to being a fear-mongering that controls and separates the masses. Religion has made the people docile and borderline insane. It’s ironic how a tool that people claim is all about love and peace has caused more bloodshed than anything else.

History Lesson To Prove My Point:

Here’s something that many people don’t want to discuss or talk about. As far as America is concerned, religion was used originally as a tool against the black slaves and the poor whites. Christianity was one of the most effective tools used during the slavery period in America. Christianity kept the slaves in a weak state mind by giving them hope while keeping them docile. Instead of working to free themselves, they just prayed for a miracle and did nothing. The slaves were illiterate and severely ignorant (another control tactic), so they had no way of figuring it out for themselves. Which brings me to another point — if the slaves were illiterate, it shows you how they could not have possibly believed in religion because of their own research, which means it was forced on them. If you live in the south, you will see that this mentality is still very much alive in black people today. Lots of southern black people are the biggest christians, while having no clue that the same faith they embrace was a tool used for hundreds of years to weaken them mentally and spiritually. You see the same religious-zealot mentality in a lot of southern poor whites as well. This is the number one reason why, particularly in the south, the only thing people fight about down here are race and religion. People wonder why the south is the laughing stock of America, and why most of the people are considered slow, it’s because of their willingness to live and die by the bible — which leads to them hating anything that doesn’t suit their religious agenda. Slavery was a true blackspot in American history, and the fact that religion was one of the strongest tools used during that period is very telling.

We’re taught from birth to believe in something. It’s a well known psychological fact that a person’s mind is most fertile when the time they’re born up until their early teen years. Whatever a person is taught during that time will most likely stick with them for life. During this time also, religion is forced on us from birth by our parents, teachers, preachers, relatives, etc. Here’s why you’re powerless against religion when it’s forced on you from birth, because — Religion controls people the way it does because it plays on the emotion of fear. The unfortunate part is that most people never grow up to learn that the “god tale” is no different than Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, The Boogey Man, etc. As a matter of fact, “God” and “The Devil” are nothing more than fairy tales created to scare adults into submission. Remember how parents told their children scary stories about mythical horror figures that never existed in order to scare you into doing right? “Be good or the boogey man is gonna get you.” Then you laugh at the child’s fearful reaction all while knowing the truth. It’s the same thing with religion. “Be good or the invisible man in the sky is gonna send you to the invisible man under the ground.” The same way the adult laughs at the child, the rulers of the world laugh at religious adults — because they know the truth.

The only difference is — at some point, you’re told that the Boogey Man and the other mythical figures aren’t real. But in this case, you’re never told that there are no invisible men called god and the devil. When the fear emotion is put is present within us, logic goes almost completely out the window. Let me give you an example. I often ask a lot of believers WHY they believe in whatever religion they embrace, and their answer is either “I was raised that way.” If you’re a free thinker, you will never believe in a thing simply because you were raised to. UNLESS, you’ve done your own research and what you were raise to believe turned out to be true. By the way, studies from a bunch of pro-religion sources doesn’t count as research. Here’s the other reason they give, “Because in the end, I don’t want to be wrong.” I’d ask, “what do you mean by not wanting to be wrong?” Then they’d reply with, “I feel that it’s much safer to be a believer than a non-believer because if there really is a god, I don’t want to go to hell when I die. If we all all die and there really is a god, all the non-believers are going to hell. So I’d rather believe to be on the safe side.” How’s that for logic? This person is afraid to not believe. Which in a sense tells methey really don’t believe. That’s what I mean by fear causing logic to go out the window. Religion plays the fear emotion, the emotion which causes a person to abandon all logic and critical thinking.

Someone else may say, “If God isn’t real, then how come I get some of my prayers answered.” Answer: Through unconscious use of the Universal Laws. What this means is — when a prayer is answered, you are unknowingly applying techniques, harnessing your own power to make it work. Then some people say, “if God isn’t real, then explain how we got here.” This statement is beyond stupid, to be honest. The burden of proof lies not on the non-believer, but it lies on the believer. If you’re going to make the claim that we got here because an invisible man created everything, is it YOU that has have to prove that. And quoting your bible, by the way, isn’t proof. It actually helps assure the fact that religion brainwashes. You can’t prove a source is correct by quoting the source itself.

That’s only ONE element of it. Space probably won’t permit me to dive deeper into it. But the reality is this: There is no God and there is no devil, at least not the way religions tell it. We people are our own Gods and our own devils, we have the power to create our own lives through our ability to think, not some fictional entity. There is no heaven and hell. You create your own heaven here on earth by using Universal Laws for good or you create your own hell through the misuse of these laws. The power within you comes from the Universe by using Universal Laws, and religious texts tells us this allegorically. But people are too blind to see it. If you don’t believe that religion has been manipulated to separate and control the people, then think about this. When you look at most of the hate groups in the world, don’t most of them base their views on their religion? If you’re ready to send me hate mail and you’re wishing death on me for writing this, you’re proving my point as well. Religion is spiritual suicide.

Religion has been nothing but a method of mind-control and disempowerment over the past few centuries. One of the most effective ways to take away a person’s self-power is to make them believe that nothing that happens to them is their fault, have them believe that they create nothing and that they’re responsible for nothing. For example: If you listen to a religious person, mainly a christian, when something good or bad happens, what do they normally say? If it’s something good, they credit “god.” If something bad happens, they credit “the devil.” Little do they know, they create everything in their lives, both good and bad. As I previously stated, you are your own god and your own devil. It’s all in your mind — literally. Society has been weakened because religion has taught us that we have no power by teaching us to look outside of ourselves for knowledge and power. The truly enlightened person understands that what people call “God” is internal, not external. That one simple lie has crippled the world tremendously.  To most people, religion is convenient because taking full responsibility for your life and everything in it is too burdensome, so they’d rather push the responsibility off on a fictitious being.

If I wanted to rule the world and control people’s thinking, religion would be the perfect tool. I say that because religion is the only system in the world that violently forces you to follow it and if you don’t, you’re threatened with a lifetime of torture and shunned from society. You’re not allowed to even question religion. According to them, you are to blindly follow and do no research. One of the most intelligent things a person can do is ask questions and teaching a person to blindly follow without asking questions is another method to keep you down spiritually. Don’t believe me? Let me take you through history. During the days which the catholic church reigned supreme, asking questions was a death sentence. Anyone who dared question the bible was tortured and murdered in the most inhumane of ways — some were even burned alive. Philosophers and scientists of this time had to perform their research in secrecy out of fear of punishment from the church. One of the greatest thinkers of the time, Galileo, was placed under house arrest for life by the church for simply studying Astronomy.

Religion makes billions of tax-free dollars a year. Religion not only lies to you, but it also robs you blind financially while brainwashing you. So in conclusion, religion is nothing more than mind-control to disempower the people and for the teachers of this false philosophy to get rich — all while knowing the truth. Nothing more. Open your eyes and your minds. Religion will continue to hinder progress as long as people embrace it. I ask that you break the chains. The sooner we have a religion-free world, the sooner we can have a peaceful world.


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