Untold Wealth: The Rise of the Super Rich


I’ve been watching this documentary for a couple of years now. In fact, you can probably even credit it as one of the main the reasons I decided to go into Finance. Well, this documentary along with the lifestyle of the person who introduced me to it. Needless to say, its been a real motivator for me to see how the .001% lives. As a result, I’m working my ass off with a goal of achieving the same lifestyle for myself and my offspring that has yet to be born. Don’t get it twisted, you’re not going to see a bunch of people flaunting their riches. You’re going to hear stories of people who came from humble beginnings and worked (extra emphasis on WORKED) their way up to the top of society. So I present to you: “Untold Wealth: The Rise of the Super Rich,” in hopes that it motivates you as well.

P.S: If you watch this video and get mad at what you see, it only shows how unambitious you are. A true winner would see a person better doing better than they are and use that as motivation to step up their own efforts.



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