Exposing The Self-Help Industry Pt. 1

This series of articles isn’t going to make me popular, but frankly, I don’t give a fuck. With things being the way they are, I mean the economy going downhill, people have got to understand what I’m about to discuss.  In this series, I’m gonna be exposing the bullshit in the self-help industry. This comes after reading a lot of horror stories recently about an organization called “The Global Information Network” (GIN for short). For those that of that don’t know, this organization was founded by Kevin Trudeau. The story behind GIN is that — GIN was founded by 30 Billionaires (called the GIN Council) who were allegedly members of the world’s most powerful secret societies such as the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, The Illuminati, The Brotherhood, CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc. Trudeau himself was supposedly part of The Brotherhood but decided to leave in order to save the world. GIN offered members access to “secret knowledge pertaining to The Law of Attraction that only members of secret societies and royal families knew.” It also promised members an opportunity to network with the rich and powerful. GIN was supposed to be a secret society itself, but if I recall correctly, secret societies don’t setup MLM’s for their members to recruit. Last time I checked, GIN charged members a $1,000 initiation fee to join and membership dues of $150 per month! If you have any sense, you’re thinking “What the fuck? People actually believed that?”

After GIN’s inception in 2009, its become apparent recently that GIN’s founder, Kevin Trudeau, was running a massive Ponzi Scheme.  Legal documents have been released to prove this (to view these documents, go to www.gintruth.com). Yes, they even proved that there is no GIN Council (even though you didn’t need the courts to tell you that). This is no surprise, considering that Trudeau is on the hook to pay a fine of $37.6 Million to the FTC by the end of this month. So its long been my opinion that GIN was constructed by Trudeau to raise the money to pay the FTC fine. Former GIN members have told me that some members paid as much as $75,000-$100,000 to reach the highest level! And get this — no one has received the bonuses they were supposed to receive for recruiting members and for signing up during the 2010 Summer Sales Bonanza! We’re talking a $10,000 bonus!

But apparently, people believed it all and a lot still do, despite there being massive evidence proving that its all a scam. Trudeau has positioned himself as an advocate for freedom, so its no surprise that there are people who will defend him to the death. I myself was a supporter of Kevin Trudeau, but being the objective person that I am, when evidence of bullshit presented itself, I acknowledged it. Trudeau’s supporters will swear that all of this is an attempt by the government to bring down a freedom fighter. They then go on to talk about how GIN has changed their lives, how successful they’ve become and so on. Two things wrong with that. One: I guarantee you that not one of them has gotten any of the money promised to them. In fact, I’m willing to bet they’ll never get it, but they’ll never admit that they haven’t been paid. Two: For people that are supposed to be so successful, NONE of them are any better off now than they were when they first joined GIN.

Since I’m on the subject of GIN, I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t discuss Trudeau’s 14-disc CD set titled “Your Wish Is Your Command (YWIYC for short).” The story behind YWIYC was similar to that of GIN; Trudeau supposedly put together a 2-day seminar in the Swiss Alps, which participants from all over the world paid $10,000 to attend. This meeting supposedly had members of royal families and various secret societies present.  During these 2 days, Trudeau was going to teach the attendees how to use The Law of Attraction in a way that has never been revealed to the masses. According to Trudeau, he was going to reveal THE REAL method to apply The Law of Attraction for the first time in history. But there’s only one problem with that: There was no meeting in the Swiss Alps, there were no attendees who paid $10,000 to hear these “secrets” (if these people exist, how come none of them have come forward and admit to being there especially since Trudeau is under so much scrutiny?), there are no members of secret societies and royal families backing him and all of the information derives from Napoleon Hill’s work titled “The Law of Success” and a host of other books of this type. YWIYC, by the way, was nothing more than a CD-set put together to convince listeners to join GIN. I think they were charging upwards of $1,000 for YWIYC at one point! It’s been stated (allegedly) by Kevin Trudeau’s personal assistant, Brandy, that YWIYC was actually recorded in a Chicago hotel. While listening to the lectures, you will hear dogs barking, horns honking, emergency vehicle sirens and other noises that you surely wouldn’t hear in a secluded mountainous location.

I’ll admit that A LOT of what he said on the YWIYC series is indeed true. I happen to know a few 33rd Degree Masons (I also contemplated joining) and I chat with them a lot about of things, but there’s only so much they’ll reveal to a non-member. But they’ve told me similar things. What I’ve noticed is that KT takes a few widely known truths about secret societies and mixes them in with his view of things. That’s his style overall, take a few well known facts and mix them with his own spin. That’s why a lot of what he says sounds like the absolute truth if you aren’t careful. Again, I’ll admit that the information on the CDs itself is pretty good if you remove all that bullshit about secret societies and his involvement, the elites suppressing the knowledge, etc. I’ve studied “the knowledge” for some time now. Its nothing new. People have been preaching about Law of Attraction (that’s actually a new age term not used by those who practice this stuff) amongst other universal laws for thousands of years, as far back as Ancient Egypt. Yes, there have been secret societies that did share this information amongst themselves secretly out of fear of persecution by the Catholic church. I’ve studied Hermetics and other ancient philosophical systems and this is nothing more than information taken from them. Apparently, Trudeau is no dummy — the guy knows his stuff. But I don’t believe his knowledge of these things stems from any involvement in secret societies, I believe Trudeau is just a very well-read person.

Let me digress here for a moment and say this — the law of attraction is real and, as I’ve mentioned before, people have been teaching it for thousands of years. The problem with the self-help industry is that they teach these universal laws in a rather selfish way. Before, people used this knowledge to better themselves, to become more knowledgeable, to do a great amount of good. But now, these guys teach you about these universal laws so that you can only fulfill your own desires without being of service. They’ve taught people that they can have something for nothing…as long as they believe they can.

So what does exposing the self-help industry have to do with GIN? I’ll tell you. When I first started my path of entrepreneurship, I learned very quickly that there are a lot of shady people out there. When you’re trying to be successful, you WILL meet a lot of shady people. Unfortunately, GIN built their whole business model around shadiness aimed at people wanting to be successful. It promised them all the things a person could ever want — millions of dollars, affluent friends, happiness, and most of all….to be part of a secret club that no one knows about (even though its all over the internet). People have a fascination with secret societies, especially in recent years, so Trudeau exploited that fascination, amongst other things. Wanting to be successful is usually more of an emotional thing than a logical thing, so a lot of unsavory characters will look to push those emotional buttons. If you aren’t careful, they’ll get you for thousands of dollars. Overall, I’m blown away at how effective the GIN scam is/was. Its probably the most successful self-help scam in recent history.

That’s gonna be it for Part 1. Click here to read part 2 here where I discuss the overall industry itself.


4 thoughts on “Exposing The Self-Help Industry Pt. 1

  1. Very well written article and you’ve obviously cottoned on to Trudeau’s game very well!
    You’re absolutely right about people defending him to the death – but then I guess people will believe only what they want to, and sadly, many of the remaining GIN members, are suffering from Tunnel Vision Syndrome so badly they don’t even know it!
    Eyes are on Tuesday, October 30th and his court hearing.
    My personal view is that I hope they incarcerate his arse for a very very long time!

    Thanks for the mention of my site, I’ll be sure to give you a mention in my next post. 🙂

    Owner, gintruth.com


  2. Good for you for writing this, Sean. And as one who has been blogging for more than six years about these topics, I want to welcome you (back) to the world of bloggers who are exposing the selfish-help/New-Wage/McSpirituality industry. There still aren’t that many of us, so it’s good to have another voice.

    As you know, I’ve also been blogging about GIN and True-dough since 2009, but Bernie’s GINtruth.com blog has really focused on the details of the scam, and it is getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Whatever it takes! I’m just relieved that the membership of GIN is finally waking up to the fact that GIN was set up from the beginning to be a money grab for a lifelong con artist.

    (Other blogs you might find helpful: Steve Salerno’s SHAMblog (in business since 2005) and Salty Droid’s blog (since 2009 — though I have to issue a language advisory 🙂 )

    I’m glad you’re blogging again. Keep up the good work!


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