Where’s The Outrage Against Black On Black Violence?


Click To Enlarge - In 513 Days Between Trayvon Shooting and Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Murdered by Other Blacks

Click To Enlarge – In 513 Days Between Trayvon Shooting and Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Murdered by Other Blacks

Okay, its time to talk about something that no one else within the black community really wants to touch on. But fuck that, it’s got to be said.

I’ve kept an eye on this Trayvon Martin since its become national news and here’s my thing — How come the entire black community isn’t as outraged by the black-on-black crime, which occurs at an alarming rate, as they are about this one case? Blacks killing blacks, sometimes innocent children, happens on damn near a daily basis, but the black community don’t rally and demand justice for cases such as those. Is it only when it’s a black vs. non-black incident or when a cop shoots a black man that the black community will stand up and demand justice? Where are the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons when the crime is black-on-black? Don’t get me started on how the media and so-called black leaders manufacture *racism* for profit and black people fall for it every time.

Many people will say, “we are mad because George Zimmerman wasn’t immediately arrested!” Really though? But what about a black man who kills another black man in front of many witnesses and walks away without being arrested because no one in the neighborhood will tell investigators who committed the murder? The “no snitching” policy, remember? How can you all be mad over the lack of an arrest in that case when you all allow black killers of black men to walk free every single day.

There are 9k black homicides each year in the U.S. and in 94% of the cases, the killer is black. That means that 8,460 black on black murders per year, which averages out to 23 black on black homicides per day. You same people don’t rally, march and protest behind those murders and they occur within your own community. A black life only has value when taken by someone non-black. For all you all care….we can kill each other into extinction and y’all will be cool with that just as long as there aren’t any non-blacks helping.

Someone may say, “because the media doesn’t cover it.” That’s bullshit. Blacks don’t DEMAND media attention as they do in cases in which blacks are killed by non-blacks. No one besides the victim’s family cares. You might see a candle light vigil and a prayer circle, but that’s about it. Even if the media did cover the black on black homicides, you all would call them racist and accuse them of trying to make the black community look bad, so it’d really be a lose/lose situation for the media. Which reminds me of an episode of “The First 48” I was watching recently. A mother (who worked as a Corrections Officer) and her 2-year son were murdered in cold blood by a group of savage thugs. These cowards shot the entire house up with AK-47’s and fired over 60 shots, one of which blew half the baby’s face off. But guess what happened in that case? Two of the three shooters had their charges dropped. Why? Because no one wanted to come forward. Where was Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for that one? Better yet, where’s all the protests and rallies? Even the local black community activists remained silent. If anyone wishes to look up that story to verify my claim, I remember one of the suspects in that case name being “Demarcus Alexander.”

If blacks didn’t try so hard to magnify non-black vs. black crimes, then I wouldn’t be so compelled to mention the lack of concern on part of the black community when it comes to black on black crimes. I’m gonna ask again — How come there are no rallies, protests, etc. when the case is black on black? I know the answer though. Whenever black on black crime is addressed, the addressee is labeled racist if they aren’t black and labeled an Uncle Tom if they are black. If you aren’t blaming everything on *the white man,* black people don’t want to hear it. The #1 priority of black America is to avoid having to accept any responsibility for their actions. For blacks to stand up and admit to what is going on would mean having to own up to their shortcomings, which is the very thing they seek to avoid.

Since I know someone is gonna mention slavery and Jim Crow, I’m gonna address that right now. What does either have to do with blacks killing each other and just looking the other way when it happens? You’d think that a group of people with that type of history would pull together and NOT kill each other at these ridiculously high rates. That has nothing to do with any slavery or any civil rights movement. Even during the years of Jim Crow and prior, this foolishness didn’t exist. They were living in the heart of the issues that today’s blacks use as an excuse for everything, and yet, they weren’t doing the BS that today’s blacks are doing. So, the Jim Crow era and slavery is nothing but a sorry excuse because the blacks who lived during that era weren’t taking part in the crazy behavior that the current black generation is today.

Some may say that black-on-black crime occurs at such a high rate because a lot of blacks live in impoverished settings. But that’s bullshit too. If you wanted to change your surroundings, you’d do the work necessary to change them. Blacks claim to be tired of poverty, but that’s a lie. When a black person gets tired of being poor, broke and struggling and tries to break the cycle, he’s accused of wanting to be white or an “Uncle Tom.” Becoming successful has a lot to do with clearing your mind of self-defeating thoughts. The average black person wants to hold on to excuses, reverse racist attitudes, conspiracies, etc., which are all weak states of mind, and at the same time, want to be successful. That just doesn’t work. You can’t think thoughts and have the character of a weakling and expect to somehow become powerful. Besides, there are poor people of other races in America but you don’t see them killing each other. Why is that? Because economic condition has nothing to do with it — black people just use that as an excuse to engage in savage behavior.

UPDATE: Many have said “Zimmerman being found not guilty means that it’s open season on black men!” Really? Last time I checked, it’s already open season on black men in black neighborhoods. Who’s killing black men faster the George Zimmermans of the world of the Trayvon Martins of the world? Heck, if Zimmerman were black, you all wouldn’t have even cared. You probably have called the FL judicial system racist for prosecuting him over shooting a teen who was attacking him. The fact is: between the time of the murder of Trayvon Martin and the Zimmerman verdict, there were over 11,000 black on black murders and not a peep out of the negro community. 70 shootings and 12 murders in Chicago alone over the 4th of July weekend. 500 black on black murders in Chicago alone since Trayvon Martin’s death and no outrage.

Until black people get outraged about THAT, no one will take blacks serious when cases like this occur. You all even went as far as to try to justify and defend the murders in your own community. Even further, you all even compared this to the Emmett Till case! I didn’t think you all would stoop this low, but I’m not surprised. By the way, you all should apologize to the family of Emmett Till for such foolishness, but then again, you are the same people who saw nothing wrong with Li’l Wayne mocking Emmett Till’s death in a song.


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