The Danger Of Telling The Truth

The Danger of Telling The Truth
It’s sad to say, but we live in a world where telling the truth is almost the equivalent of social suicide. As far as I can trace history, it has always been against the rules of mainstream society to tell the truth. Over the past few centuries, even millenniums, and even recently, many people have lost their lives over this very thing.

Do you know what MY definition of brainwashed is? My definition of brainwashed is a person who hears the truth, knows it’s the truth, but continue to follow the false path out of fear of change. That very same mentality runs rampant in our society. This is somewhat understandable (although not justifiable), because we’re literally taught lies from the moment we’re born. Usually, we’re taught these lies by force and fear, especially religion. And the problem is that the people doing the teaching aren’t aware of the fact that they’ve been lied to either. Who does the teaching? The parents, the teachers, the churches, etc. These are well meaning people who are just uninformed. And that’s how we pass ignorance down from generation to generation.

When people hear information from the parents, churches, teachers and overall authority figures, they’re going to assume that it’s 100% true. Very few people will grow up and challenge what they were taught growing up by those three influences. When these people get out into the real world, where people have different points of views, things get ugly and sometimes violent. It gets this way because people have been taught to believe one way and that everyone who thinks or believes differently is wrong. This is why telling the truth is such a crime in our society, because people are too afraid to learn anything different than what they were taught as a child. And this is also a reason why the 95% crowd will never be successful. By the way, I feel that a parent should encourage their children, when they get older, to challenge everything they taught them (at least that’s what I plan to do). As a free thinker, I’ve challenged everything I was taught. I’d never tell my children to believe something just because I said it. That’s what we need more of in this world….free thinkers, not trained sheep. We all have individual minds, but the vast majority choose to think ONE way, something which I don’t understand.

Let me digress here for a moment and say this: when I talk about the truth, I’m not talking about conspiracy theories. The people who preach the conspiracy theories are raking in millions of dollars from selling false, fear-mongering information. This is why I don’t entertain conspiracy theory nonsense. Many people believe that this stuff is the truth, when in reality, it’s far from the truth. Conspiracy Theories and religion are virtually in the same boat. Both industries exist for the purpose of controlling and misleading others for profit.

I search only for the truth, even if it leads me in a direction I didn’t expect. Many people claim to be truth seekers, but in reality, they’re only looking to confirm what they already believe. That’s why I’m a free thinker. I hold on to no beliefs. Holding on to a belief is nothing more than closed-mindedness, an assumption of knowing everything, which no one does. Lots of people have lost their lives throughout history over someone defending a belief. That’s why I question everything. I go wherever the search for truth takes me. Which is another reason why, in my opinion, the three smartest words in the human language are: “I don’t know.” Me knowing that I don’t know is what keeps me continuously learning new things.

In other words, I keep my mind open to learning new things and a high willingness to make changes if necessary. I have to be straight with you, when uncovering the truth, you will make plenty of enemies. This is because the 95’ers are comfortable living in ignorance, and change scares the crap out of them. It scares them so much, that they oppose anyone who doesn’t agree with them. When a person has to get violent or rude just to defend their beliefs, it only means that they know deep down inside that what they’ve been taught is a lie and they’re afraid of facing the facts. I’m comfortable in what I believe, so comfortable that I don’t have to oppose those who disagree with me.

Why am I so comfortable? Because my search for the truth leads me into what could be likened to a “Secret” Vault Of Knowledge (I’m not using the word secret literally). And with this knowledge, I’m able to think in ways that most people aren’t. While I may be a social outcast to the 95%, I fit in greatly with the 5% who think the same way. And together, we create success in life, all because we opened our minds to the truth and didn’t crumble when faced with the adversity which comes from telling the truth


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