This Is Why You’re Single: Black Woman Edition

“QUESTION: How do you cure a disease? Answer — By first, diagnosing the problem and then applying the proper remedy. Which is exactly what I’m about to do.

black-woman-attitudeWhy target black women? Here’s why: For the past 30 years, black women have used every media outlet to perpetuate the negative stereotype of black men. They’ve told the world we’re all in jail, deadbeat dads, gay, uneducated, dogs, untrustworthy, etc. They’ve said these things to anyone who’d listen. But a black man is viciously maligned if he criticizes a black woman in any way. For a black man to imply that a black woman is anything less than perfect is social suicide. He’s maligned not only by black women, but by soft, weak, effeminate black men who seek to gain favor with black women. And a black man who dates interracial is also viciously maligned. So what’s a black man to do!? This is where I tell the side of the story that isn’t being told. A lot of what I say can be said for women of any race. BUT, the combination of these things make up black women.

Everyone wonders why black women are single, but if the answer given isn’t “because there are no good black men,” or something along those lines, they don’t want to hear it. This is where the nonsense ends. So, if you’re an open-minded black woman who wants the truth, continue reading and I won’t tell you anything wrong. I expect for a black woman to attempt to change the subject to what black men and/or women of other races do…when this about THEM. I also expect ad hominem attacks. I know, I know….y’all are gonna say that I hate myself, my mother’s black, accuse me of being gay, women of other races do it too, say that someone must have hurt me, it’s just some and not all (not once did I say ALL), etc., but what they won’t do is accuse me of lying. However, I expect them to create strawman arguments in a sorry attempt to refute the facts that I’ve laid forth. We’ve heard this all before and none of it deals with the merits of my argument.

I am also aware that there will be those who will claim that the type of women I’m describing are ghetto or “hood rats” but that would false. Everything I’m going to say will apply to your upstanding, sophisticated, college-educated black females.

Now….you’ve had your chance to speak and on a much bigger platform I might add, now it’s our turn.

Reason #1 — Superficiality and Unrealistic Preferences

Talk to your average black woman about her dating preferences and I guarantee you she will have a long list of things she wants a man to possess while not possessing even 25% of the things she requires the man to have. Let’s face facts. Your average black woman isn’t going to date a man who’s less than 6 ft. tall, who doesn’t make a certain amount of money* or live a certain lifestyle. When they find the man whom they desire, but that isn’t willing to lower his standards for her, they get upset and try to guilt him into being with them. That’s like going to an upscale restaurant and asking them to lower their prices because you can’t afford to eat there. A lot of these types think being pretty and great sex equates to being a good catch, but that’s false. No man in his right mind with a lot going for him will settle for the complete opposite.

In other words, you want too much. When I say that you ask for too much, that simply means that most of you are delusional. I blame the media, love novels, romance films, etc. for this phenomenon. Materialism and superficiality dominates the black woman’s dating preference. Some of you are convinced that love and money are synonymous, which isn’t true. There are even black woman who that are actively searching for a man to put them in a mansion so that she can be lazy and shop all day — all while claiming to be strong and independent. Again, the byproduct of watching too much TV.

Some black women will point out the fact that a few generations ago, women used to stay at home while the man worked and brought home the money. But allow me to deconstruct their position. First off, when the woman stayed at home, she was WORKING in the home. She was cooking, cleaning, tending to the children, even managing the family’s finances in some cases, etc., all of which are not easy tasks. Women today who claim they want to stay at home will not do any of those things. It’s not uncommon for a black man to come home and have to do the cooking and cleaning after his wife or girlfriend has been sitting around the house all day doing nothing but watching TV and keeping up drama on social media. Only thing they want to do is sit on their butt and expect a man to take care of them.

While we’re on the subject of black women of prior generations, allow me to state this: black women of today need to quit trying to take credit for what their grandparents and generations before them did. Those are a completely different group of women. I don’t know about other guys, but I’m not going to respect today’s black women for what generations before them did because today’s black women are NOTHING like those respectable generations of the past.

Reason #2 — The Way You Present Yourself

You can’t dress and act like a slut, and expect to attract Mr. Right. I browse social networks and see women in pics half-naked in sexually provocative poses, then when degenerate men leave sexual comments, they will say “deez niggas beez thirzty.” I’ve seen the same thing in public as well. It is totally unrealistic to expect to be treated like a lady when you look and behave like a slut. It doesn’t work that way. You might impress those lowlife guys by behaving in such a manner, but a real man isn’t impressed. Let me rephrase that…a real man who wants a woman with whom he can become serious isn’t impressed. They’ll gladly have sex with you, but that’s about it.

Reason #3 — Material Possessions Can’t Supplement a Lack of Substance

You’ve got your college degrees, own place, a car, good paying job, etc. But what else? Where’s the character? That’s why guys will take a broke woman who’s a great person over a financially successful woman with a funky attitude. I’ve heard on numerous occasions, black women scold another black woman who doesn’t have money or material items because she was able to find a good man while she struggled to do so. That shows how blind the so-called successful black woman truly is. She’s unable to see that the seemingly unsuccessful black woman has found a good man because she understands the importance of having something to offer as a person.

I encourage you to be able to support yourself, but the attitude that’s the problem. Material possessions can’t take the place of great character. No real man is “threatened by your success” (the losers typically are). Guys aren’t dating you because material possessions are the only things that you have going for you. Not only that, you also use your “education” as a justification to look down on black men. Yep. Many of the so-called educated black women love to pontificate and talk down to black men — something that isn’t self-respecting man isn’t going to put up with.

Reason #4: You Sought Independence, Now You Have It

Just as the title said — you sought independence, now you have it. During the rise of feminism, black women embraced feminist views and turned their back on black men. Feminism convinced black women that they don’t need black men. Before this brainwashing occurred, the black family was well in tact….and there’s documentation to prove this. The black woman hasn’t looked back ever since because til this very day, they still embrace the idea of being “strong, independent and not needing a man.”

What’s amazing is that black women today will desire a pre-feminist movement lifestyle when it’s beneficial to them, but will still wanna hold on to feminist views when it’s beneficial.

I’m gonna hit you with the truth — no man wants to be with a woman who feels she doesn’t need him. If you’re so independent and don’t need a man, then why are you complaining about not being able to find anyone? Surely, if you’re as independent as you claim to be, then being single shouldn’t be a problem.

Reason #5 — You Look Like Precious But You Want LL Cool J

A lot of black women have weight issues, and they usually want a man who’s tall, thin and/or has muscles. If you’re big and find a thin man that likes you, congratulations. But if you can’t find that thin/muscular man (because those men usually don’t like big women), you need to either lose weight or find a man that likes big women. It’s a simple solution. There’s no need to lay a guilt trip on thin guys who don’t find you attractive.

It’s not unusual to hear black women claim that they have the best bodies of any ethnic group of women on earth but you’d have a difficult time finding a black woman who isn’t overweight or even obese. Black women have cultivated the notion that their weight problems are what you call being “thick” and they’ve convinced a lot of weak, soft black men that if they prefer a woman who’s thin and in great physical shape, that he’s less than a man. In fact, black women often attack women who eat healthy and exercise regularly. But they wonder why the men of substance flock towards the physically fit woman instead of to the fluffy woman.

The fact of the matter is — broke black men love fat women simply because they desire a woman with low self-esteem and who isn’t desired by other men. Those men know that because of those factors, that fat women will most likely allow him to mooch off of her and do whatever else he desires.

Reason #6 — Black Women Mistake Antagonism For Strength

This is one of the most important factors of everything listed so far. Black women have taken on this antagonistic attitude that they call being a “strong black woman.” If you want a visual image of a truly strong black woman, look at your grandmothers and those before them. Look at the difference between your grandmothers and yourself and you’ll see a huge difference. The women of your grandmother’s generation were labeled strong because they managed to survive and stand by their man in a world in which black men were being oppressed. They knew how hard it was for black men during those times, but they did everything they could to be supportive of their men. They allowed their men to lead, take charge and be the head of the household. They weren’t labeled strong for having bad attitudes. The bad attitudes don’t make you a strong woman. In fact, it makes you weak because, ultimately, you’ll end up by yourself.

You label a guy weak if he doesn’t want to constantly argue and deal with the drama. And you wonder why guys choose to date interracial. You even scorn them for it and say they’re taking “the easy way out.” That’s a pretty stupid thing to say. Think about it — if you can date a woman of a different race who’s goal is to have mutual happiness with you instead of making your life hell, you’d be a fool to pass that up. But for some reason, black women are convinced that NOT sticking around and putting up with their foolishness is a sign of weakness. Black women actually believe that it takes a real man to put up with their dysfunctional foolishness. That’s fiction. A real man is gonna run away from you as fast as he can. Whatever you’ve been through to cause you to be scorned, that’s no man’s fault except the man who wronged you. You can’t expect to take your frustrations out on future mates. A relationship is supposed to produce happiness, not constant misery and that’s what black women seek to offer the black man…a life of headache, misery, etc. Interestingly enough, they do this only with black men. When they get with men of other races, they’re as docile and humble as can be. That funky attitude is something they show only to black men.

Call it what you want, but no sensible person will deal with that. Respect others and treat them as you wish to be treated. You’re not gonna find a man of substance until you lose this “strong black woman” attitude.

Reason #7 — Christianity Doesn’t Make Him A Good Man

Me being southern, being religious is a requirement if you want a southern black woman. I’ve seen black women reject good men for not being a christian, despite being a great guy. But they’ll deal with a bad guy just because he goes to church with her. I’ve dealt with women with whom I had great chemistry, but it was over when they found out I’m not a religious person. To most southern black women, it’s not what you do that makes you a good or bad guy. It’s all about whether or not you’re a christian. Notice that those type of black women are always single and waiting for “god” to send them a perfect man. Whether black women know it or not, that book (the bible) keeps them single. In fact, Christianity contributes largely to the decline of the black race, but that’s another article.

Let me digress and point something out. In my last point, I spoke of how black women seek to antagonize black men. I’m gonna show you how hypocritical black women are. They claim to be so much into the bible (despite never having read it), but they ignore the part of the bible which appoints the man asthe leader of the household. Like most black Christians, they skip that part because it doesn’t fit what they want to believe. I will admit that a lot of black men don’t know how to lead because they’re raised by single mothers, but we’re not talking about those types of men. Besides, if you’re a real woman, you shouldn’t deal with a man who lacks leadership skills. Now let’s get back to the main point….

These type of women usually can’t deal with the fact that intelligent black men like myself who studies beyond what we’ve been taught isn’t gonna buy into religion. Let’s be real — only three types of black men attend church: gay men, pimps who seek to exploit the congregation’s ignorance and old men. That’s it. You’re not going to find any logical, critically thinking black men in church.

In closing out this part, let me say this — your “holier than thou,” Jesus-loving black woman uses Christianity as a shield. Extremely religious black women usually have a history of being very promiscuous and they almost always have multiple children out of wedlock by many different men. They use Christianity in order that they may feel that they’re superior to others, despite their past. In other words, instead of facing the criticism that is deserved and and admitting to their faults, they hide behind Christianity and proclaim “only god can judge me!” That is why the extremely Christian black woman should be avoided. The same goes for the so-called “conscious, pro-black” type of black women as well. You know…the ones you see wearing dreadlocks, African clothing, selling spiritual products for a living, etc. They’re just as bad as Christian black women if not worse.

Reason #8 — You Want Respect For WHAT You Are, Instead of WHO You Are

I blame the feminist movement for what I’m about to discuss here. Black women actually believe they deserve to be treated like royalty just for being a woman. They fail to realize that respect is given based on who you are and what you do, not on your gender. I see many black women commit some of the most despicable acts, but they expect you to ignore what they do and respect them just for being a woman. And if you call them out on their nasty behavior, first thing they do is point to the fact your mother and the women in your family are black. Typical…..

To make matters worse, black women don’t believe that they have to respect people in return and this behavior carries over into the relationship. To illustrate my point, here’s what I want you to do: browse any social media site, preferably Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Browse through the photos and status updates of black females and I guarantee you that you will eventually stumble upon a photo meme or status update which goes on and on about what they believe a real man is supposed to do for a woman. Pay close attention and you’ll also notice that they will NEVER entertain the fact that a woman has to deserve the things for which she asks from her ideal man. And THAT is the insanity that is black women…they expect to always take and never give. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what we call a parasite.

It is because of this phenomenon that we have so many weak, effeminate black men. You know…the type of men that you single mothers are raising. As you’re raising these boys by yourselves and teaching them to put women on a pedestal and to, at the same time devalue themselves, they develop the desire to become a woman. But that’s another discussion….

Reason #9 – You’ve Made Yourself Immune To Criticism

As I correctly stated in the opening of this article….if a black man criticizes a black woman in any way, shape or form, he’s viciously maligned. He’s told that he can’t criticize black women because his mother is black, he’s accused of hating himself, he’s called gay, he’s called bitter, etc. If this black man’s critique of black women is correct, he’s then told “you shouldn’t say those things, you should say something positive in order to uplift us!” In translation: the black woman is seeking undue praise.

But here’s my thing: if a group of women are having the type of problems that black women are having, at what point are they willing to accept the possibility that THEY could be contributing to their own downfall? After all, blaming black men for the last 30 years has only gotten them in worse and worse conditions but yet they still aren’t ready to accept responsibility for their actions. It’s amazing because I hear black women admit to engaging in countless acts that are destructive to their well-being, but they’ll never admit that what they’re doing is the root cause of their problems.

In all actuality, black men are expected to accept 100% of the blame for all of the troubles in the black community, especially the troubles concerning dating, relationships and marriage. In fact, you can criticize a black man all day long and even say some of the most despicable things about him and no black woman will correct you or come to the black man’s defense. But if a black man criticizes a black woman, even in the kindest, most sincere way possible, he’s subject to vicious attacks. You are to never imply that a black woman can be anything less than perfect.

Yet….with all of their self-proclaimed perfection and “black queen” status, black women have more problems than all other groups of women on earth combined. And those problems will persist until they are ready to accept to accept constructive criticism and quit blaming others for their problems.

Reason #10: You Don’t Respect The Black Men You Claim To Want

You hear black women talk endlessly about their desire for a “REAL BLACK MAN.” But in truth, black women see non-stereotypical black man as weak, soft, lame, etc. A black man who’s well spoken, educated, career and family oriented, who’s an overall stand up guy, is looked down upon UNLESS he’s rich. When a black woman desires those qualities in a man, they usually go after white men or other non-black men, as if only non-black men are supposed to possess real man qualities. The few black women I’ve met who will date a black man with those qualities will say, “he still has to have some thug in him.” But don’t require white men to have any thug in them. Because of that, women are actually encouraging black men to play into the negative stereotype because those are the only kind of black men to which they’ll give any attention. If they do give good black men the time of day, he’s told that he can only be a friend.

As a black man, you’re going to attract a black woman only if you’re a lowlife degenerate who has no direction in life. You most likely have to be the type of guy who seeks to live off of her, in and out of jail and so on. Or, you have to be a guy who doesn’t live off of her but make your money illegally. It’s a sad truth that majority of black women hold in higher esteem a man who’s spent 5 years in prison than they do a man who’s spent 4 years in college.

Reason #11 — Your Dating Priorities Are Backwards

This final passage is going to tie into the previous. It is again a sad truth that black women continuously and purposely pass up good men because they’d rather be with the “bad boys.” They want a “real nigga” instead of a real man. They purposely choose the bad boys because they believe they can change him (again, too much TV). When that doesn’t work, she gets pregnant by the guy hoping that’s gonna change him. That fails, now she’s a single parent. She repeats this 3 more times with other guys. At this point, she has 4 kids with 4 different deadbeats as the fathers. That scenario also explains why black women are single parents. For some odd reason, they actually take pride in being single parents. They say things like “I’m the mother and the father.” But any sensible person will see that as the woman boasting of her inability to pick decent, respectable men.

After she’s been promiscuous with every deadbeat loser around, and has realized that none of them will ever settle down with her, NOW she wants a good guy — the same kind of good guy whom she passed up for the bad boys and caused lots of heartache. If the good guy’s smart, he knows that a woman who’s dealt with losers for all of that time only wants a good guy NOW because its convenient. After a few good guys have seen through the woman’s bullshit, and have chosen not to be the sucker, she then says that there are no good men.

This could’ve been avoided had she not PURPOSELY chosen guys whom she knew were trouble. It happens everyday and it could be YOU. How many times have you ignored a guy’s respectful approach, but responded to a negative approach? How many times has a nice guy had to resort to calling you a bitch or some other derogatory term just to get your attention? Probably lots of times. Just go for Mr. Right the first time — not after you’ve amassed baggage (that’s if you truly want a good guy. Many women only claim to want a good guy because its the right thing to say — which is wrong because guys get hurt in the process). The good black men are tired of being a last resort and tired of being blamed for black women being single.

Let me digress for a moment and say this: A lot of good black men don’t mind being the last resort because they were raised by single mothers who conditioned them to believe that it is his role as a man to be successful so that he can save a single black mother someday. In other words, good black man are groomed starting a very young age to settle for scraps. It’s amazing how a lot of the good black men don’t even have their own family legacy because of this…just them raising someone else’s kids without ever having any children of their own, or, they’ll get with a woman who has 3 kids by 3 other guys and she’ll have one with him just to appease him.

Conclusion: The only way to fix these issues is by first admitting that they exist and then working to correct them. Even if you’ve made some of the mistakes that I’ve mentioned, its not too late. I tell you this because I want to see an improvement in relations between black men and women, but that can’t happen until we’re honest with ourselves.


84 thoughts on “This Is Why You’re Single: Black Woman Edition

  1. Really glad to see more Black trpers and MRAs out there pushing good content to put out common sense.

    I’m a young black man, 22, and will be graduating college this December in a pretty decent field of work. Growing up, I was made fun of pretty bad by black chicks for the fact that I enjoyed going to school and learning, speaking properly, dressing properly and not being a thug. Girls have called me gay in the past for simply not conforming to the typical, “thug nigga”.

    Reason seven definitely struck a chord with me as well in that I’m an atheist. I don’t criticize people’s beliefs and whatnot, as that is their personal choice and their full right to believe or not believe whatever they want. Yet, I’ve been turned down by black women, SOLELY for the fact that I’m an atheist. Hell, I still remember the words from this one girl who was a stunner,and actually wasn’t all crazy ghetto: “You’re pretty much what I want in a man…its just that you don’t believe in god, and I want my man to share the love christ with me.” Yeah, in my mind, I knew I dodged a bullet, but, in that very moment, I was disappointed that something so irrelevant would ruin a potential happening.

    Those things and some other incidents have pretty much turned me off from black women, yeah there are some exceptions, but, I sure as hell haven’t met them personally.

    I remember dating out of my race for the first time back in high school, and it blew my mind how great it was. She was vietnamese and she was legitimately awesome. She was hella smart, but, she didn’t let it get to her head and she let me lead. We’re still friends now actually. After that, I just kept dating women who weren’t black and I’ve had far better experiences, I tried dating black women again while I’ve been in college since I’m in a different city, but, the same shit happens. That’s when that quote from the religious girl came from. Since then I just stick with what works, and its amazing how desirable black men are to women who aren’t black…especially globally.

    So black men, don’t fret, look to other pastures, hell look abroad and don’t let some of these crazy “strong” black women bring you down.

    TL;DR: Black women suck, date women from other cultures and ethnicities.


    • I can tell you, that this is the story of a lot (90%) of our lives as Black men raised in two parent households as compared to single mother homes. (Single fathers tend to do better overall) You probably always felt like an anomaly because your mind focused on the right things. Outside of a few, other Black boys/men never really had a problem with you, and actually off-handedly probably let you know in someway that they had respect/admiration for you.

      Black women are fucked up.

      Don’t get me wrong, for the beautiful ones that have their shit together attitude-wise, or don’t wear all of that fake ass weave, or just look good are not obese, and not loud, I throw them a bone anytime. I love our women because without them there is no us, but for us (Black people in general) to be a better “Us” they (Black women) have to better for us.

      Hell, I’ve met a lot of smart cats that hide their intelligence, just so that women will still like them. One of the guys that works in the warehouse at the company that I work for, I ‘caught’ him reading a dialectical treatise on existentialism and the works of Sartre. Normally, you see him loud, crass, bumpin Lil wayne on his forklift. I asked him what he was reading and when he explained it, my head exploded. And I apologized to him for assuming that he was just a bum-ass dude. When we started talking he said, “The more I try to be like you, the less hoes I’ma get.” I told him that he has no idea, and that its about quality over quantity.

      So keep that in mind young bruh. If you want to date interracially go for it. You will find that you will not have all of the same complaints that some of the White guys here have either. At this point in life I’ve smashed more non-black women than BW. No qualms about that either.


      • Exactly, a good chunk of my friends that are black are guys who are extremely intelligent, but, they hide it to get the hoes. When they’re not around chicks, they’ll discuss about serious topics in our society, and one of them is absolutely brilliant when it comes to math and physics, which at the same frustrates me, because, these guys, and him in particular limited his potential over pussy. When he could be in school and having a career doing that stuff. It’s pretty damn frustrating sometimes ya know.

        Of course, the notion of the grass being greener always comes into play when dating interracially. I have friends from other ethnicities who complain about their women as well with similar complaints to what black men complain about black women. Not entirely similar cause black women are just a whole different level of bullshit, but, you get what I’m saying.

        That’s why I’ve told the few black friends that I know that are single to date interracially. Yes, it won’t be perfect, but, its MILES better than what black women are bringing to the table….


    • Another thing especially for black females I’ve noticed that u all have an odor do u people know what razors and douches are?? I knew a man who has a nasty obese baby’s mother … make a long story short when u can smell u all on ur man ……. U ALL STINK !!!!!!!!! Wash ur nasty hair shave your hairy pits and legs and for god sake wash ur nasty stinky vajay jays …stop having all those f****** babies and I’m still till this day trying to figure out how a man can lay with a woman who smells like something that’s been laying on the beach for a week long story short because you all are nasty


      • And another thing stop with the long silky hair caps everyone on this planet knows you do not have hair like that it looks stupid it’s amazing how you can stand hundreds of dollars on your hair and nails or whatever that s*** on your head is but you can’t get out look for a job need i say more men upgrade please


      • That’s ironic. Black women with stank vajaja as you call it can have a bunch of babies, but other races that don’t smell, struggle to produce one, hmmmm, something sounds fishy about your comment, smh.


    • Lol bout 60% of them look like precious eeeeeew!!!!! and again you know what makes me laugh the most is the fake ones that try to wear this long silky hair believe that your hair no one and it’s also sickening the way you guys can go spend hundreds of dollars on your hair because you mold and your nasty finger nails but you can’t get out here and look for a job and be a productive member of society and do you know what all them babies does to your body again 60% precious and another thing Americans are sick of feeding all your babies feed them f****** yourself


  2. You have a pretty awesome site. I also like some of your financial articles.

    I’m always proud when I find a black MRA. The culture of black women is very tough on black men. I don’t envy their position.


    • I understand why black guys go for women who aren’t black so much better nowdays.

      Black chicks seem like they have a worse entitlement complex that white ones in the US.


      • This is true, and if you do find the ones who aren’t overly entitled, they’re probably fat, broke, have kids, or any combination of the three.


      • Black guy here, you’d think having a kid or two would humble them a bit in the dating market. lol nope, the Black women with kids are the main ones who are looking for Mr. Right (Nice body, stable income, no kids, and right with the Lord) AKA Beta provider.


      • Some even try to hamster that the number of kids she has increases their SMV, “Because niggas like this good pussy so they cant help but bust!” I had a bitch tell me that one time. I thought to myself, “You nasty bitch. I wouldn’t fuck your scuzzbucket ass with a nigga I dont like dick.”

        The killing part of it all is when you tell them that you don’t have kids or a baby mama, and they see that you are genuinely happy in life, they become furious!


      • My parents always wonder aloud when I’ll bring home a nice girl (Read good Christian Black woman), and to be honest swallowing that blue pill and going to church to pick up a non scumbag black chick is becoming more and more tempting as the days go by. I grew up in the church, and I remember that the girls were usually in pretty good shape, very attractive, had some kind of depth, and were well educated. As for how things are now? I’ve no idea, but I’m seriously considering dusting off my church shoes and praising some jeebus lol


      • A good church girl? Pssh, do what makes YOU happy dude. If your parents don’t like that you want something else, that’s their fucking problem mate. It’s funny cause my mom told me that she completely understands and agrees with my reasoning why I don’t fuck with black girls anymore.


      • Yes and all the welfare and babies??? Unwanted damn babies sucking up gov. Funds oh yeah and for the percent of you the dust lanes toward not all of you but there is the two sizable percent of you that I am referring to what are you going to do when the government runs dry and you can’t see your f****** baby anymore because as a taxpayer I wouldn’t give you all a dollar if you beg me for it the ones of you and this person not the good ones because there’s a lot of them too wonderful people who work every day and take care of ourselves just like normal human citizens I am NOT talking about them at all I am talking about the ghetto rat black and unfortunately slightly it seems like the useless ghetto rap female outweighs the good ones and that’s sad


      • In my Norcal home area there are almost no blacks and we are on this diversity trip where every non-meat-eating-non-white-male is much more attractive. Black guys seem to mop it up here like Obama is your homie or something. It must seem like paradise.

        [edit] The articulate black guy with just a small amount of edge does great here. Ghetto wouldn’t fly at all


  3. As a black guy living in the south this shit is true. Every single point you make is literally a bulls-eye. I think some of the most beautiful women in the world are black but because of the reasons listed I’ve dated more non-black women and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon (also I’m debating teaching English over seas in Japan or Spain but even if I wasn’t I’d still date outside my race).


  4. This is very true. I couldn’t get a black woman to date me in high school because I studied too much and was a good student. Then after I became successful, these same heifers wanted to be with me and of course take care of their kids. I ran and never looked back.

    I also dated white women and learned that at first they will treat you well, but their sense of entitlement is even worse than a black woman’s, and I stopped dealing with them because #solidarityisforwhitewomen.

    Now I am engaged to a wonderful woman who is of Japanese descent and she brings so much more to the table than any white or black woman that I dated.


  5. I audit calls for a national insurance company, the black women i listen to, more often than not, I have to hold them for lacking empathy, lack of active listening. The younger black girls, not so much.


  6. I brought a black girl home once and she said, “you think because I am black I am easy?” In general, less pretty girls tend to have a greater sense of entitlement because they dont want to come across as easy.


  7. I go to church every Sunday. I met my main dish at church, but she’s exception to the rule. I would normally never hit on a chick from church. She had approach me multiple times for me to even go for it. You can be a church going man and still have the Red Pill, look at Dalrock.


  8. Reason #5 — You Look Like Precious But You Want LL Cool J

    Fucking this. So much God damn this. And the part that kills me? When black women begin a regular exercise regimen (AKA what they’re supposed to be doing anyway), they expect praise and elevated status for it. But to be fair, most women do this.


  9. I approve this read. Its one of the things that I had to deal in the US… african american girls just have a nasty attitude for no reason. I can say I never hooked up or dated an african american woman simply because I couldnt put up with that attitude and self entitlement which made me feel like I’ll never be good enough for them and I refused to lower my standards or deal with it knowing that attitude wouldnt change over time. Like I told a good friend of mine, “that pussy aint worth the trouble”. You’re supposed to make me better, not bitter.


      • Where are you from? A third world country? If this is the only statement you can make about a race, then maybe it’s YOU that smell my friend. Also, you need to do more research as far as which race is on welfare because the last I searched it is mostly WHITES on welfare. So who sucking the system now?


  10. This is one of the most truthful and brilliant pieces of writing I have ever read. I’m white, but came from poverty, and most of the same issues are present in the community I came from. I would say extend this from just the black woman to western woman, and that’s the situation we’re facing today because the typical white woman really isn’t any better. Women who grew up in a strong Asian or Latino culture, whether here or abroad are the only ones worth even considering at this point.


  11. A lot of this was caused by Willie Lynch’s letter on “how to create a slave.” Yes I know, slavery is over but the mental form of it still exists and is still used.

    Simply put the Black man in a household is NOT the leader. This is why you hear the term “Big Mama” The mother is viewed as the matriarch in black society and her governance isn’t questioned by anyone.

    THIS is why you have women who act entitled and treat good black men like crap while sleeping around with thugs.

    the system in turn will more than likely faze out the black community unless combated but its existence is still evident today. Which leaves intelligent black men with two choices. Date outside your race or adapt and fall in to the existing system.


    • Brothers need to let that Willie Lynch shit go and stop acting like victims of some sinister plot to keep us enslaved mentally. We do that shit to ourselves. Yes, racism exists, true, but you can’t help the way that you are born into the world. Just make the best of it and try to become better.

      The Big Mama syndrome came into play when the welfare system, backed by the feminist movement, told women who wanted to apply for benefits to not have a head of the household (a man).

      Daniel Patrick Moynihan touched on it laid it out in his book The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, known as the Moynihan Report (1965), because he saw that the welfare and government assistance programs provided unneedingly to some undereducated Black women for unnecessarily getting rid of her man would prove detrimental down the line.

      Hence, now we have a whole culture of feminized boys twerking and taught faggotry, (which is worse than a beta could ever be), Beastly women who think that they should be “skrong” and equate that with acting like a man, and a major culture of self hate.

      These things are not trickle down effects from slavery at all. These things come from not having Men around.


    • Or find a black woman who is a good person, as successful and intelligent as them. And there are plenty of great black women out there!


      • We choose the kind of people we want in our lives. The article is true about some black women, but it’s not true for the others.
        Go to France, go to the UK, go to Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, you’ll be suprised.


  12. As a white dude living in the south, who admittedly has a thing for beautiful black women, I’ll chime in by saying black women limit themselves strictly to black men a lot of the time. When I first moved down here, I had a woman tell me: Baby, you’re beautiful, but I don’t fuck with white boys. Another told me: I’d totally get with you, if you were black.

    OK. Fair enough. But black women graduate college at something like 2 times the rate of black men. So if you’re going to limit yourself to college-educated, good-looking, God-fearing, funny, charming, polite black men, you’re in for disappointment unless you look like Beyonce. If you’re looking for a black man who graduated law school, and is all those things, you’ll die alone most likely. But it is good news for one of my friends, who is all of those things. He fooled around with probably every good-looking black woman in our class.

    Oh, and stop glaring at me and my date when I’m out with a black woman, like she is betraying the sisterhood or something.


    • Wtf????? I guess some guys just like things that stink I’m sorry to keep saying that maybe it’s just the part of the country I’m in but around where I’m at they stank bad


  13. Its the same tactic. Take the control away from the man and you have a collapsing family which will eventually lead to a collapsing culture. It was done in 1964 and in the 1700’s and in many ways still ongoing today.


  14. I had a lot of Blerd friends in school, and being a latino with the same inclination toward wearing my appropriately sized pants at my waist, I can relate to being socially rejected by your peers for not conforming to certain cultural stereotypes. Its brutal. Luckily I wasn’t aloneThe various geeks, nerds, dorks and “losers” from every group were welcome at our lunch table. The strange thing is that it got to the point where you could tell that the cool kids were jealous because we used to just be our selves and bug out and have a good time, while they were all embroiled in ego driven drama. I mean if you heard racious laughter explode in the cafeteria, most of the time it was either our Yo Mama contests, or a dope verse from the freestyle table.


  15. When I was younger black girls payed me zero attention because I wasn’t an athlete or running in the streets. I was constantly made fun of because I spoke “white.” Also all the black girls who didn’t like hood guys only wanted white dudes. So I wasn’t white or black enough. SO I started dating outside my race and I haven’t looked back.

    Now that I am older and moderately successful I get a lot of attention from black woman but none have ever made it past friends with benefits.


  16. But a black man is viciously maligned if he criticizes a black woman in any way.

    This might be true in some pockets of black culture, but to be fair hiphoppers been degrading black women hardcore for the past 30 years too.

    Anyway though, I think there are bigger issues at play here like possibly institutionalized self hatred. I’ve noticed that a lot of black men and women will take a huge step down in the quality of mate they deserve if it means they get a chance of adding some white, or even lighter brown, to their gene pools. I swear interracial marriage actually did worse for black people than it did good. Works out okay for me though. I like black women just find as long as they aren’t hoodrats. Mmm I went to school with this one girl, she was always kinda quiet and skinny, and then I ran into her at the bank where she was working at a teller. She grew up.


  17. I would like to point out that race and culture are not the same thing. This post describes the city dwelling American of a low socio-econimc status. In my part of the country there are nearly equal parts of white and black women that behave in this manned. As a black women who does not fit this awful sterotype, this article is quite frustrating.


  18. I would be proud to call this guy a friend- speaks honestly, not afraid to share his reasonable insights and couragous enough to follow his own path. I worked with a number of latino and black engineers and sympathized with nearly all of them- the ended up being stuck around a bunch of whites and asians (not that we’re bad but it’s got to feel weird being isolated like that). I had a black female lawyer friend who complained like the women he described but at the same time she completely dismissed two of my (black) engineer friends before she even got to know them. I was (am and) way geekier than them yet she went out of her way to hang around me when I had no interest in her. It makes more sense now…


    • Older black women usually are very cool but then you got the younger ones the baby factories hundreds of dollars on hair and nails all the while living off of working folk this is the issues it angers me along with the nasty attitudes how dare you people have any kind of attitude when you’re nothing but a problem a parasite problem about half of you and for the good half rock on ladies


  19. I have a friend right now who is more or less red pill who asks me for dating advice from time to time. We are both black and he admits that he is particularly attracted to black women but can not see himself in a relationship with them.

    He is running into all the problems listed here; unmotivated, unattractive, loud, aggressive, angry, used up, “Christian” black women. He’s kind of stuck between wanting to date inter racially or continuing to look for the unicorn of black women. He’s kind of in a shit place for dating anyway, fresh out of college trying to establish himself and still living at home.

    As a black woman, I think there are way to many black women who really believe “they don’t need no man” and actively try to make that a reality.


  20. Patrice O’Neal talked about on The Black Phillip Show all the time about how he got the confidence to deal with the “bears” of “strong black women” by going to Brazil and paying for prostitutes down there.


  21. What ever happened to choosing a partner based on the content of their character without screening applicants for race first?


    • In the real world, physical attraction happens first. Character and behavior comes afterwards. I’ve been attracted to black women many times, but, their behavior and character have turned me off so many times that I grew tired of it. Started dating out of race, and yeah, its not perfect, never will be, but, it is MILES upon MILES better than what a black man has to deal with when dating a black woman. Yeah there are exceptions, but, I’m tired of looking for it. I rather find happiness in other pastures of our diversity of humans.


      • It’s not about screening aplicants for race first, as men, it’s about physical attractivness, and the content of a womans character bleed into her attractiveness. For example, if I’m standing outside waiting for my train, and a pretty young thing walks by, not even knowing her I’m going to be attracted. but if she walks up to another group of girls and all of a sudden they all start talking loud, cursing and being vulgar, her attractivness is going to wane extremely quickly as her actions that I witnessed showed her character.

        When you constantly witness these kinds of things growing up, you force yourself to hamster it to get through it, (what S.I.M.P.s do) or you exit out of the equation.


      • As a woman, the reverse can sometimes true. It is not uncommon for the physical attraction of a male to grow after we have become emotionally attached to them. In both situations, race is not a pertinent factor (unless you have some type of ethnic fetish of course).

        I mostly agree with what you say. My point is that race is not a part of a persons character. Being a jerk and being black are not interdependent factors.

        From the tone of the comment I replied to, it sounds like OP would not date a black or white women, even if they were of an acceptable socio-economic status, because of their race. It is frustrating to see stereotypes constantly perpetuate themselves, but that does not make discrimination against individuals acceptable.


      • Whoa whoa, who says I’m being racist simply because I’m not attracted to black women and have had better experiences outside of black women? Secondly, my day has been absolutely fantastic, so don’t even think that my opinions on based on if I’ve had a bad day. Thirdly, I’m simply not attracted to black women, and I don’t care how “awesome” you may put yourself out to be, I still won’t consider you attractive. It’s stuff like this, in which people like yourself think you’re high and mighty and “superior” because you seem to not be racist, when in reality, you just want to start shit because a black man has a different viewpoint than yours.

        I’ve dated plenty of black women in my young life and I simply prefer women outside of that. If that makes me racist, cause I have a damn preference, then you go right ahead and misuse that word all you want. I don’t treat black women any less or more than any other ethnic group on the planet, I simply am not attracted to them, and the “culture” they want to bring in to my life. Just like how you’re not into guys who are heavily into anime. Preferences.

        Lastly, attraction does start at the physical level then, into the non-physical level. If that’s condescending, then life is condescending cause that is how people are.

        Again, i’m not offended because he is a black man that won’t date me: a perfectly awesome black woman. I’m offended because he is promoting racism. Coming from his mouth it is extra-stupid because he’s agreeing that its okay for people to discriminate against him! I don’t want him, or any person who thinks like that.

        This part is hilarious. Am I really promoting racism? No, I’m merely stating a fact that people have their own preferences to what they are attracted to. If some girl doesn’t like me because I’m black. I couldn’t care less. That’s her choice, and it honestly won’t affect my life at all. Obviously, you have your own little issues to work on, I’m gonna keep on keeping on because it makes me happy and satisfied with life.


  22. I just want to remind all the black dudes talking shit about black women in here to remember that, even if you have kids with a non-black women, your daughters are most likely going to look like and most likely be considered black women. All the ugly assumptions you’re making and co-signing on in here, justified or not, could one day be put upon your own child. Not trying to judge, just saying.


    • Please. Get lost. Nobody here hates Black women, just Black women’s ways. If BW as a group grow the fuck up, this wouldn’t even be a conversation to be had. But once again, it proves that BW can’t help but make themselves part of a conversation that nobody invited them to, and that’s what separates BW from every other group.

      If a white woman stumbled on to a forum where people were talking shit about they didn’t like white women, she would get lost and ignore it. BW cant do that because you all revel in drama. I as a Black man am not going onto Stormfront threads because I don’t like what they say there, I just ignore it and stay away from it, because changing a grown mans POV is futile and can only be done by another grown man, and only if the latter party is willing to listen.

      This is a mans’ space, and if you don’t like what is being said here, don’t listen.. Because honestly, we, as men, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Red and Green, and any other color you can think of, don’t really give a flying fuck what you have to say.

      Not trying to be hostile, but I’ve been here for months, and posted plenty of “Black” threads and none of you BW came out the woodwork until you all caught wind of someone “supposedly” bashing BW. There haven’t been this many women in TRP since TRP! Get lost. Go back to wherever you came from and leave us be.

      It’s bad enough we have to listen to your bullshit IRL, but not here though.


      • That’s a good way to put it we are tired of your attitude and your laziness and the need to keep producing litters of kids that other people have to take care of because you guys sure won’t do it


      • So you know that about all white wonen.Idk what forum you read but white women butt in all the time on black conversations.Idk your definition if hate but you sir are really close. Mabe xou and stormy could compare notes.His white ass seems to dislike the males and females of the black race but yall seem to skip right over his comments.I wasnt gonna respond but your spiteful ignant ass deserves to be checked.Love who you love why give a reason.Nobody is checkin for yoz and your opinons abd mabe thats the problem.You thought yoz would be missed.Please do blacks a favor a go be the next victim in a police shooting. But damn because nobody would know your ignorance it would be black women holding up signs putting they life on the line for your ass.I guess #Blacklivesmatter even extends to those like yourself.


  23. This is pretty much the unvarnished truth.

    Even before I took the redpill, I had noted that when approaching black women, if you don’t put on 3x the swagger and aggression needed for any other race they won’t even look at you twice.

    It always amazed me just how disrespectful you HAVE to be to them to get them interested in you. And it is “HAVE to be”; pretty much any other race you can go in and be funny and confident and work it out right, but with black women funny doesn’t really matter, and confidence is only noted when its paired with naked aggression.


  24. and really if everybody on this planet let’s stop being lazy stop adding to the population when you can’t even take care of the first one and stop blaming everyone for your actions but yourself then it would be a much better world and another thing stop tearing up our country with your routing and crying over criminals who rob places and then try to grab people’s guns off of their sides it’s time for this to stop I guess I want somebody to see how sick people are getting of you the ones of you the keep creating problems so I guess when a black man comes up to a white man to try to rob the right white man or grab his gun or his weapon off at his side I guess the white man is supposed to set their let’s let them do it huh well you know what you got some mixed up ideas so you think you can go around committing crimes creating problems not yet nobody is supposed to defend their self you guys got life f***** up and I hope all of you read this because there are people out here they’re real tired of it so we’re going to start taking matters into your own hands our own handsif you don’t want to join the human race and mingling with all other people in the society then go home get out of our country go back to Africa I don’t care where you people go stop thinking you can do whatever you want cuz you’re black cuz you’re getting ready to find out in the years to come you’re not going to win and you can not everyone on this planet is equal. Trying to be the privileged cuz you’re not privileged 60% of crimes in this nation committed by what say it with me that is the issue even though this is off the subject of what was being talked about I think everybody needs to wake up and realize what the real problem is and the ones of you that do not fit this criteria I’m not talking to you but the have to use it do go back to your motherland or get ready to start filling up the medical examiner’s office


    • I’m sorry everyone on this planet is equal so don’t think you can keep doing whatever you want I had to correct the last quote where it said everyone is not equal that is not what I was trying to say what I’m trying to say is what’s good for us is good for you and what’s good for you is good for us you’re not special. Committing crimes and thinking you can do what you want because this is one white family who will defend themselves to the fullest and another thing since we’re all equal why do these blacks get privileges like being allowed to commit crimes and get away with it free housing free everything but let somebody with a part time job need help they can’t get it when they’re the ones that the help was really meant for


      • As if blacks can’t get guns… You’re a joke. I think you’re angry because you all (whites) are now the minority in your country. It’s not just black people committing crimes it’s all races committing crimes. That’s what’s wrong with you people always believing everything on the news as gospel. It’s called propaganda…I’m done wasting my time on you. Smdh


  25. I don’t fully agree with #7 for two reasons which I won’t get into because they are just personal observations and I do partially agree with it. However, overall, this is a absolute great and must read and, I’ll definitely be sharing it with quite a few ppl … TODAY!


  26. I’m an almost 44 yr old black woman, and i agree with a lot a this. I’m single, overweight, but I have NO KIDS, AND DON’T WANT ANY! I “don’t”, however, fall into a lot of those catagories, In fact, a lot of what he says is soooooooooooo true! So much so, that it gets on my nerves to even be a black woman, cause a lot of people will say, and think the same about me, but not I’m not like that at all. Even when I was a kid, only the black classmates would make fun of the way I talk! My mom never spoke or speaks “ghetto”, nor did my late grandma! It made me wonder just just how “black” am I supposed to be, to fit in with other black people! This goes for men and women. As a kid, I explored different types of music, and loved it! Then I listen to anything other than a black Singer/group, someone would ask, “what are you listening to?” In that kind of way that says, “she listens to that white music!” First of all, I listen a variety of music, from all over, mostly English, Australian, Dutch, Norwegian, French music groups etc! I mean hell, I mean black people are only suppose to sing nothing but R&B, or be a hip hop artist?! Black people from other countries sing pretty good shit, and i love it! My library isn’t stocked with just nothing but hip hop music, there’s other kinds of music out there!! Listen, and expand your mind For Christ sake! But anyway, yes I’m sooooooooo tired of seeing a lot of black women with all this fake, long ass hair, Eyelashes, and fingernails! I saw 2 big FAT WOMEN, who looked a hot mess, and i mean a HOT MESS!! Too much fat, tight fitting clothing! WHY?!!!! I know im not a size 4, but i have my limits! I’ve always been a Tomboy, and so it’s just tees, jeans, tennis shoes for me! Sometimes i dress up, but nothing over the top. Look, I had long hair permed hair for years, and it was real! Got It Cut Off In 2007. Now my naturally curly short hair glistens like no other, and I’m proud of It! As I’ve said before, I’m overweight, but I’m working on it. The only men that found ever found me attractive were 2 older white men, one was an Englishman, for whom I still speak to via email, and text every week. The other was a former coworker. I guess they saw something in me that I couldn’t. Anyway, I could go on an on, but I joked about finding a Japanese businessman one day, but it’ll just have to happen naturally. I’ll meet somebody someday, but I’m not in no hurry, I like being single, don’t mind it at all! It’s my choice.


  27. Almost forgot, yes the attitudes need to go! I speak like a normal person would speak, like I’ve got some sense, and that I was raised well! Go to a fast food place, and there’s a black girl at the achor, 40% of the time, I’m gonna get one with an attitude. A few have came across as very professional, greet me, hello welcome to so so, may I take your order. Other times however, I go in no greeting, they just look at ya! I’m mild manned, like superman, lol, and I’m just a normal black woman who likes white men, asain, latino men, aw heck, just any man who is attractive! I don’t think colour shouldn’t matter, but if they’re nice looking, they’re nice looking. I’m in love with actor Henry Cavill, and only one other black woman who found him hot, was my coworker, but then again, she said she loves white men, but her fiancee’ is black. He’s just georgous, sue me lol!


  28. As a black woman, I can’t deny that what he said was true. However, even without those stated issues, finding a good man still isn’t easy.

    Black woman have to live with this stereotype. We’re loud, ghetto, “ratchet”, fake, etc. Though many women do perpetuate this stereotype, it doesn’t apply to all of us.

    I’m 20, college educated (no degree yet), I work, but live at home. Most men, wouldn’t want to touch me with a ten foot pole. Not that I’m unattractive(i am overweight, 5’1 and 180lbs… I’m no tiny girl. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not due to a lack of exercise, but years of bad nutrition/bad habits), but probably for my awkward and quirky personality. Most men go for that model type, wear heels to the grocery store, makeup everyday, hair flawless. Someone seen but not heard. Someone they can show off. I’m far from that. I could change. But I love who I am. Why would I change to find a man who wouldn’t love me for me?

    That’s where many women run into problems. They create this image but can’t uphold it forever. So down the road, it’s why they don’t stay together.

    I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect, cause I’m not Mrs. Perfect. I just want someone who sees my visions and at the same time, I can see his. He doesn’t have to be “tall”, but 5’9 at least. Body type isn’t too important. (But you have to be able to hang with me at the gym). Having a stable career would be nice, someone with a entrepreneurial spirit is great. (Take risks, don’t be afraid to fail) Most important, have a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

    Good black women and good black men exist. But they’re both too busy looking for the wrong thing or looking for the right thing in the wrong place. You won’t find a diamond in a bag of charcoal.


  29. Well here’s how I feel about this article….
    #1 I agree
    #2 I agree but at the same time you can’t give those women who dress “slutty” attention
    #3 I agree
    #4 I’m with you but “Before this brainwashing occurred, the black family was well in tact….and there’s documentation to prove this. ” umm ok but let’s not act like the state of the black family was perfect before feminism came along. And most black women I know don’t take feminism seriously anyway
    #5 “The fact of the matter is — broke black men love fat women simply because they desire a woman with low self-esteem and who isn’t desired by other men. Those men know that because of those factors, that fat women will most likely allow him to mooch off of her and do whatever else he desires.” That ONLY applies to big girls with low self esteem. A big girl with good esteem won’t be allowed to be played like a sucker by “big girl predators” that’s what I call these men. Any man will prey on ANY woman with low self esteem no matter what size she is
    #6 I agree with the whole attitude thing but ” And you wonder why guys choose to date interracial.” Umm black women the only one with bad attitudes?
    #7 I agree 100 percent! I’m sick of these holier than thou folks. Not atheist but I believe religion is an illusion. “The same goes for the so-called “conscious, pro-black” type of black women as well. You know…the ones you see wearing dreadlocks, African clothing, selling spiritual products for a living, etc. They’re just as bad as Christian black women if not worse” agree with that
    #8, 9, 10, & 11 I agree


  30. I love Black Men. Including those who want nothing to do with Black women. It is a preference that must be respected. I only ask that we work at forging a relationship with each other that bridges the gap between us that will allow us to become friends. We should work to correct what we have allowed to transpire in our world…and that is the separation between the two of us…Black men and Black women. Reading your posts and learning what some of you think of Black women is pivatol if we ever want to learn how to love each other again. Black women need to wake up and listen to the voices of Black men and stop shutting them down and shutting them out. Black women need to know that Black men hurt too and should be there to build them up. I have found through research that the most loving of Black men are the ones who brought little materialism to the relationship but beacuse of a healthy and genuinely loving relationship with a Black Women, he is able to feel good about himself and what he has to offer not just to the relationship but to the world. His contribution is valued and is viewed as equal to his Black female mate. This type of Black man begins to value himself more not because of her but because she believed in him and he believed in himself. The same is true when reversed. Many Black young Women are lost because they many feel the world has turned its back on them. It does not matter how successful they are… they are still volunerable regardless of how strong they may appear. That’s nothing but a cover up for pain and lonliness. Black Women are the most loving of human beings and will stand by your side with the greatest of force…we will fight to the very end for you…the problem is many are broken for various reasons. Love is the healing force. We have to start there. Black men that I know are beautiful, strong, brave, and humble. I am 49. I am Black. I am not considered overweight. I am not religious but deep. I enjoy being happy and admire those who persue it. Drama will occur in life no matter what because it is the way in which we learn and grow as humans. But is not meant to be destructive and hareful. It is meant to guide and teach us through our journey on earth. I love sharing my race with Black Men. I love you unconditionally and hope someday Black women and Black men can be friends and perhaps from there..we grow….to fall in love with each other again, as we once were….


  31. I love Black Men. Including those who want nothing to do with Black women. It is a preference that must be respected. I only ask that we work at forging a relationship with each other that bridges the gap between us that will allow us to become friends. We should work to correct what we have allowed to transpire in our world…and that is the separation between the two of us…Black men and Black women. Reading your posts and learning what some of you think of Black women is pivatol if we ever want to learn how to love each other again. Black women need to wake up and listen to the voices of Black men and stop shutting them down and shutting them out. Black women need to know that Black men hurt too and should be there to build them up. I have found through research that the most loving of Black men are the ones who brought little materialism to the relationship but beacuse of a healthy and genuinely loving relationship with a Black Women, he is able to feel good about himself and what he has to offer not just to the relationship but to the world. His contribution is valued and is viewed as equal to his Black female mate. This type of Black man begins to value himself more not because of her but because she believed in him and he believed in himself. The same is true when reversed. Many young Black Women are lost because they many feel the world has turned its back on them. It does not matter how successful they are… they are still volunerable regardless of how strong they may appear. That’s nothing but a cover up for pain and lonliness. Black Women are the most loving of human beings and will stand by your side with the greatest of force…we will fight to the very end for you…the problem is many are broken for various reasons. Love is the healing force. We have to start there. Black men that I know are beautiful, strong, brave, and humble. I am 49. I am Black. I am not considered overweight. I am not religious but deep. I enjoy being happy and admire those who persue it. Drama will occur in life no matter what because it is the way in which we learn and grow as humans. But it is not meant to be destructive and hareful. It is meant to guide and teach us through our journey on earth. I love sharing my race with Black Men. The biggest mistake we all make in relationships is the expectation that we people need to change in order to be together. Excepting someone for who there are is critical in relationships. Helping them grow should not be confused with changing them. Supporting their endeavors is different than trying to force someone to change. Black men, I love you unconditionally and hope someday Black women and Black men can be friends and perhaps from there..we grow….to fall in love with each other again, as we once were….at the beginning of time.


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  33. Let’s not put all Black women in a basket, just the ones who live in oppressive countries like Amerika and the UK. Come to Africa where women are like our grand and great grandmothers. Don’t let the “Oprah Syndrome” turn you off our sisters. I came to Ghana in 2005, return in 2006 and never left, why because women here know how to be women and let men lead. Those who don’t understand that are the ones who are single…


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  36. I am a black woman and I completely agree with everything said in this article. It’s sad but yet so unbelievably true and I can only hope and pray that the women who fall in this category will see their mistakes and change them selves.


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